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losing the kgs and building a new life
hi everyone, i am raisa, 21 years old and weighing 73 kgs. im from bangladesh and i am a medical student (third year). medical school needs a lot of studying and so i have been putting on a lot of weight ...
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started by doodlebug95 , 2 months ago.   
Weight loss journey
I'm starting a new weight loss journey with my girlfriend, with the goal of self motivation and to help others in any way we can. You might want to check out our website: www. pixelsinspace .pt / ...
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started by NFM18, 3 months ago.   
2015-a new start!
Ok, so after a pretty long a** period of laying off, I've decided to try and lose weight again. When I was 20 I was quite obsessed about the way I looked, so at that time I managed to lose from 62 ...
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started by livia89, 3 months ago.   
Hi :)
Hi Everyone,my name is Joseph,i'm 30 yrs, 5,5 and 185 lbs,i'm very happy to join this forum,i wish to lose 20 lbs.. :) One Heart.One Life. No Excuses. :)
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started by JosephPeterson, 4 months ago.   
Is the aktins a good diet plan to choose when I have 20 pounds to lose? I weight 165 and want to be about 145 or 140 by early 2014. Any one have suggestions?
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started by Courtjacoob92.   
Looking for a diet buddy
Hey guys trying to lose 25lbs. I would love to have diet/exercise buddy so we could talk about weight, tips, tricks, whatever... add me and send a message
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started by Lana Jolie , 6 months ago.   
Low Intensity Cardio
I've only recently started Low Intensity Cardio. I've been cycling at the gym for an hour everyday apart from weights at a moderate speed(75-100rpm) consistently. Any insights on this please?
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started by liferokzzz.   
Im in need of a diet buddy!
Im 20 years old, in the navy, and I would like to loose 15 lbs. I need someone to help me stay on track! please help me!
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started by damnskraba, 7 months ago.   
Advocare 24 Day Challenge
I am starting the advocate 24 day challenge tomorrow and I am seeing if anyone would like to join me. I have been actively working out for 4 months now for 4-6 days a week, with a loss of 4% body fat, ...
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started by Beardown23, 11 months ago.   
Looking for a diet buddy
I already lost about 12 lbs. But I am still about 15 lbs away from my goal. I am looking for Diet Buddies to make this journey a fun and lasting one. Everything is easier if you have somebody who moti ...
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started by SaraMary.   
Keeping weight off
Losing weight isn't always the problem- it is the keeping it off part that is difficult to do. A few years ago I lost about 15kg (33lbs). And I haven't picked it up again. But there is an extra ...
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started by Poppetsie, 12 months ago.   
Looking for workout buddies!!
Hey there !! My name is tatyana, I'm 19 years old looking for a few workout buddies to come out for jogs, bike/rollerblade rides etc downtown a few times a week! My goal is to drop 20 more pounds ...
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started by Baileykinz, 12 months ago.   
struggling to stay patient and optimistic!
I've tried on and off to eat healthier and to get to the gym - but recently I've really been focusing. I work out 30 mins, 6-7 days week, working my legs/back one day then alternating arms/abs ...
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started by heatherjillene.   
Eating after work out - what and when?
I used to not care about all those protein shakes and bars that some people say are good to eat after you work out. But now I'm thinking: why not? I could give it a try. For my work out, I usually ...
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started by Rokki158.   
New habits
They say old habits die hard and I am saying new habits fail too easily. How easy it has become to access sugars, simple carbs, and fats. NO NO NO. No added sugars for me for two weeks,ready to resume ...
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started by Dklicorish.