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struggling to stay patient and optimistic!
I've tried on and off to eat healthier and to get to the gym - but recently I've really been focusing. I work out 30 mins, 6-7 days week, working my legs/back one day then alternating arms/abs ...
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started by heatherjillene.   
Eating after work out - what and when?
I used to not care about all those protein shakes and bars that some people say are good to eat after you work out. But now I'm thinking: why not? I could give it a try. For my work out, I usually ...
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started by Rokki158.   
New habits
They say old habits die hard and I am saying new habits fail too easily. How easy it has become to access sugars, simple carbs, and fats. NO NO NO. No added sugars for me for two weeks,ready to resume ...
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new here
Hi there, but for me I find it usually harder to make the food, while others find it easier to make food than to make time to go to the gym, I love going to the gym, but its that meals that I just cant ...
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started by stefanzietsman.   
New here :)
I started a fruit and veg diet today. I used to do a home workout, it worked. Then these holidays came and I had a lot of things to do so as the day pass by working out went off the list. Ive been to a ...
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started by VixenAsian.   
Trying to get back on track
Hello! My name is Katie and I am coming back to this website looking for motivation. I was at a healthy weight when I left and a combination of stress eating, and having to cancel my gym membership I ...
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started by kate-marie.   
How do you feel when you start working out again?
I'm just getting back into a regular exercise routine after being pretty lazy the last few months. A couple of years ago, I was pretty in shape, running 5-6 miles regularly and lifting weights. I have ...
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started by w0rknit.   
Is the aktins a good diet plan to choose when I have 20 pounds to lose? I weight 165 and want to be about 145 or 140 by early 2014. Any one have suggestions?
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started by Courtjacoob92.   
Last chance
I need to get my life together for good now! I am way too inconsistent and lazy! I ready to step up now. I feel like this is my last chance...
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started by Chanel05.   
Hi all, I am new to to this site, and actually new to taking control of my diet and exercise. I am in the process of doing insanity while eating as clean as I can. I am not into the fast weight loss ...
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started by SaraLorraine, 6 months ago.   
feed upppp
i am feed up lol but then i said no i cn do this i am going to do give myself little goals 2lbs a week ..lets see how that works
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started by star-storm, 6 months ago.   
Any advice?
Hey everyone! I recently started on the Slender Wonder diet, but without the injections - so I am only following the eating plan with some supplements and hunger suppressants (Duromine) and Xenical. In ...
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started by Pocaa.   
Suggest me the way to lose the weight. (I'm frustrated)
Please suggest me some exercises. I am always feels hungry. I am always feels tiredness. I really want to lose weight. Really...
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started by vishal kalia.   
Newbie to the site - help!
Hi there everybody! I recently turned 27 and realised with a shock that I have within the past few years gatehred the weight of several obese animals all stuck together. Therefore, I have decided that ...
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started by Kirkyloon86.   
23 year old mother of 2 finally looking my age!!
:d I'm a 5'8 222lb woman most of my weight is in my hips butt and thighs which I love but I have a perfect weight look at 200lbs I'm perfect but these last 22lbs are a B if u know what I m ...
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started by PrettyT22, 8 months ago.