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Hey everyone
I'm Dalia , 22 years old from Egypt i lost 28 kilos in a year and a half:d .. it wasn't easy but definitely worth it !! Now i'm gaining weigh again :? :cry: i want to stop before i lose ev ...
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started by Dalia Eleish.   
hi everyone
I am a med student starting my internship in july. I put on about 15 lbs during my student life. Schedules were crazy so I mostly ate fast food and had little exercise. Now i want to start a healthy diet ...
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started by kuchikilin.   
:shock: Hello everyone, I've had the hardest time committing to my workouts, it's Monday again. I'm starting my serious workout regime today, again! Hopefully I stay consistent this time... ...
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started by noemna, 3 months ago.   
2015-a new start!
Ok, so after a pretty long a** period of laying off, I've decided to try and lose weight again. When I was 20 I was quite obsessed about the way I looked, so at that time I managed to lose from 62 ...
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started by livia89.   
losing the kgs and building a new life
hi everyone, i am raisa, 21 years old and weighing 73 kgs. im from bangladesh and i am a medical student (third year). medical school needs a lot of studying and so i have been putting on a lot of weight ...
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started by doodlebug95 .   
New approach.
Read my story, If your looking for emotional support you can use anyone of these sites to reach out to my team. ~JT🌍♻️...🐅🇺🇸 A1A ...
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started by Jeffreyangelo21, 6 months ago.   
Weight loss journey
I'm starting a new weight loss journey with my girlfriend, with the goal of self motivation and to help others in any way we can. You might want to check out our website: www. pixelsinspace .pt / ...
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started by NFM18, 9 months ago.   
Hi :)
Hi Everyone,my name is Joseph,i'm 30 yrs, 5,5 and 185 lbs,i'm very happy to join this forum,i wish to lose 20 lbs.. :) One Heart.One Life. No Excuses. :)
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started by JosephPeterson, 10 months ago.   
Is the aktins a good diet plan to choose when I have 20 pounds to lose? I weight 165 and want to be about 145 or 140 by early 2014. Any one have suggestions?
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started by Courtjacoob92.   
Looking for a diet buddy
Hey guys trying to lose 25lbs. I would love to have diet/exercise buddy so we could talk about weight, tips, tricks, whatever... add me and send a message
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started by Lana Jolie , 12 months ago.   
Low Intensity Cardio
I've only recently started Low Intensity Cardio. I've been cycling at the gym for an hour everyday apart from weights at a moderate speed(75-100rpm) consistently. Any insights on this please?
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started by liferokzzz.   
Im in need of a diet buddy!
Im 20 years old, in the navy, and I would like to loose 15 lbs. I need someone to help me stay on track! please help me!
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started by damnskraba, a year ago.   
Advocare 24 Day Challenge
I am starting the advocate 24 day challenge tomorrow and I am seeing if anyone would like to join me. I have been actively working out for 4 months now for 4-6 days a week, with a loss of 4% body fat, ...
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started by Beardown23, a year ago.   
Looking for a diet buddy
I already lost about 12 lbs. But I am still about 15 lbs away from my goal. I am looking for Diet Buddies to make this journey a fun and lasting one. Everything is easier if you have somebody who moti ...
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started by SaraMary.   
Keeping weight off
Losing weight isn't always the problem- it is the keeping it off part that is difficult to do. A few years ago I lost about 15kg (33lbs). And I haven't picked it up again. But there is an extra ...
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started by Poppetsie, a year ago.