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Met an older gentlemen recently who was in his early 70s and very fit and strong. I asked him what his secret was and said he just kept on doing the same basic workout every day he learned in the army and focused on push-ups, sit-ups and other simple exercises he could do at home

The idea is simple - just do an easy set of exercises (200 reps) every day. Suggested exercises:

100 reps abs (sit-ups, crunches, etc...)
50 reps push-ups
25 reps legs (squats, lunges, etc..)

Don't worry if you can't do all of them at first - do as many as you can until you build up to the number. These can be done all at once or throughout the day. The idea is slow steady repetitions will strengthen these muscle groups over time.

These exercises - ideally - should be done in addition to your normal work out routine.

Keep a record of your progress and share your results with others.


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