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Do you have more than 100lbs to lose? Have you been diagnosed has clinically obesed? Do you want to share your tips, successes and challenges with those of similar goals... I know what it is like to struggle everyday trying to get a simple task such as washing your feet or picking up stuff from the floor (and the likes). I would like to open this forum up to anyone who may have the same struggles, who have 100lb to lose and want to carry out this journey of ‘fat loss’ together with others….

1.Introduce yourself if you are new.
2.What are your challenges and what are you doing (or have done) about them.
3.In your replies, be supportive and remember that your comments would go a long way to help someone.


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Having faith....
When one is determined to alter one’s course of life, or change the way one perceives the outside world or oneself, where does the energy or the ‘humph’ come from? I have courageously summoned the str ...
by Princess Mola on 01 Mar 13 09:30 AM
Picture it.........
What you picture yourself to be is what you would end up being. The powers of positive thinking and visualisation should not be underestimated in your process to shift the excess fat. I heard if you ...
by Princess Mola on 15 Feb 13 08:17 AM
Mind Control....
I have been so focused on my regime now for 8 weeks and can feel that I am about to hit the inertia point. I feel I am strong enough to overcome this point but can’t help think if I am being over-opt ...
by Princess Mola on 15 Feb 13 08:00 AM
Flabtabulous to Fantabulous
Ok! We are doing a great job eating healthily by cutting down on processed food, reducing the amount of cabs and fat we ingest, reducing our portion sizes, moving around more by getting off the sofa, ...
by Princess Mola on 08 Feb 13 06:23 AM
Shame or bravery...
Why do we get so self conscious when we go to the gym or do some workouts in the open? Could it be the fear of being laughed at or the pointed at? I used to be so frightened to use the gym when others ...
by Princess Mola on 07 Feb 13 06:06 PM

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