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Do you have more than 100lbs to lose? Have you been diagnosed has clinically obesed? Do you want to share your tips, successes and challenges with those of similar goals... I know what it is like to struggle everyday trying to get a simple task such as washing your feet or picking up stuff from the floor (and the likes). I would like to open this forum up to anyone who may have the same struggles, who have 100lb to lose and want to carry out this journey of ‘fat loss’ together with others….

1.Introduce yourself if you are new.
2.What are your challenges and what are you doing (or have done) about them.
3.In your replies, be supportive and remember that your comments would go a long way to help someone.


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An all time low
Hello Everyone. I am back on my journey to losing weight. After a severe mental breakdown I gained over 30 lbs on top of what I was already trying to lose. I eat out of my emotions and I am working ...
by iCandoit31 on 20 Oct 17 09:58 PM
Dietician visit.....
I went to see my dietician couple of days ago and we discussed my dietary progress, as she was the first to introduced me to the low carbs diet. She was very helpful and not patronising like some of them ...
by Princess Mola on 20 Sep 14 08:34 AM
Hi Litch#1, welcome to FS.... I hope you find the support and help you are seeking for to help you manage your health. Please feel free to share you views here.
by Princess Mola on 28 Jul 14 10:13 AM
Welcome to the group
Hi Dee. Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to post topics here and I hope you are well? FS is fantastic and you will find so much support and information here. It is a forum like no other....:)
by Princess Mola on 28 Jul 14 10:09 AM
Self Image........
I feel so free on this forum to air my feelings and seek help in a safe environment. As an heavy person, how do you manage and maintain yourself image and reflect it, positively? For me, I struggle a ...
by Princess Mola on 28 Jul 14 09:37 AM

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