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Have kids? Have excess weight? Same here! Having children is a full time job in an of itself. As the main role models for our children, It's our responsibility to stay active and fit. What do you do to stay active? Let's share with eachother and find motivation together.


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Healthy food for everyone
I am stuck in kid food hell. I have kids (3 and 18 months) who will only eat a short list of foods. Mostly variations on noodles. I'd love some ideas for healthy food that everyone can eat (and that ...
by mmpearce on 15 Jun 12 12:40 PM
Walking instead of driving to the store
I always make excusses that I don't have time to fit in a quick walk, but doing to does change my mind set a little bit. Last night, I walked with my neighbor to the grocery store. We are lucky that ...
by Annification on 14 Jun 12 03:19 PM

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