Groups are a great place for members with common interests to connect with each other or for those seeking to find others living around the corner or around the world.

Recently Popular Groups

  Age 50+ Gang Hangin' In with Atkins
People in their 50's PLUS who have chosen Atkins WOE and like to chat and have fun!
  We can loose the weight, 50+lbs
Group that motivates each other in our goal to loose over 50 lbs
  Faster, you faster!
For those interested in pursuing or discussing traditional fasting.
  Recipe Exchange Group
Love to cook? Hate to cook? Need some new recipes to try?
  1500 Calories or Bust
This is a group for anyone trying to keep under that magic 1500 calorie a day mark.
  The Revolutionaries LCHF
This group is for Banters or anyone interested in the LCHF (low carb high fat)lifestyle.....
  Ladies needing Weightloss Support and buddies.
Ladies that are looking for support and to be supportive as well.
  Very Low Calorie Diets
This is a support group for anyone doing a ketogenic VLCD, Protein Sparing Modified Fast or 5:2 Fast Diet.
  60+ with 25-50 lbs to Lose
60+ with 25-50 pounds to lose.
  Starting Strength
For people who want to discuss barbell training and the Starting Strength program.
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Newest Groups

Short Girls Pear Girls
Are you short? Are you pear shaped? Let's swap food, fitness and fashion tips!

5:2 Diet Support Group
Based in NZ for new or experienced 5:2 eaters to share triumphs and testing times. A place to support share encourage.

Night Eaters No More
Night eating fully conscious is a disaster for physical and mental health. Let's share ideas for success from a bad habit.

Advocare - TeamAdvo
Nutrition and healthy lifestyle through Advocare products.