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Just thought it would be fun to have a suport group for gays. Join me and lets get fit...
  Now I'm Fit
NOW I’M FIT is an organization of professionals dedicated to the proactive movement of Wellness, and Lifestyle services.
  Duval Dieters
Group of people looking to lose weight, who enjoys a support group.
  30's with 25-50 lbs to Lose
30 somethings with 25-50 pounds to lose.
  60+ with 100+ lbs to Lose
60+ with over 100 pounds to lose.
  Tips and Support for a 1200 Calorie/Day Diet
This group will add tips and support to help 1200 calorie a day dieters.
  60's Somethings 10 to 25 lbs or more to lose
Anybody that is in their 60's or older that want to have fun, lose weight and discuss issues that affect them.
  Indonesian Citizen
Please join with us!
  life after Gastric Bypass Surgery
Life after weight loss surgery
  FAST 5- Intermittent Fasting
I have dieted myself fat! Until I discovered Fast5 & lost 6.5lbs in one month. No more dieting!Now just this new lifestyle.
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Christians Counting Calories
Christian Calorie Counters is a faith-based weight loss group.

Arizona Will Power
Arizona people getting stronger together.

Aussie Girls Over 50
Aussie over 50's women chatting about weight loss.

Golden Girls Too
Just a friendly group of Golden Girls ... sharing ideas, supporting one another and encouraging positive lifestyle change.