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  40's with 50-100 lbs to Lose
40 somethings with 50-100 pounds to lose.
  30's with 25-50 lbs to Lose
30 somethings with 25-50 pounds to lose.
  "Junk in my Trunk" - Houston, TX
If you live in the Houston area, and you have some weight to loose, this is your place for friends and guidence.
  Go Primal For Health!
My life was dramatically changed when I cut out grains and sugars. Please join me!
  30's with 100+ lbs to Lose
30 somethings with over 100 pounds to lose.
  40's with under 10 lbs to Lose
40 somethings with up to 10 pounds to lose.
  The Revolutionaries LCHF
This group is for Banters or anyone interested in the LCHF (low carb high fat)lifestyle.....
  South Africa
South Africa Rulz!
  Single Parents
There's groups for moms and there's groups for professionals, but what if you're both?
  Real hCG Support
We Know It Works No Matter What You Haters Say
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Newest Groups

Newport International Group
Newport International Travel is experienced in arranging meetings and special arrangements.

50's to Fabulous
50's that want a lifestyle change. we want to lose weight and get fit. We want to go from fat to fabulous!

Estonian Losers
Group for People from Estonia , Grupp kõigile Eestlastele.

45+ Weight Loss in Brisbane, Australia
Anyone who is 45+ who wants to lose weight and gain support from others