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  LDS Sisters
Were LDS women who need some friends and support to lose weight. Single, married, everyone that wants to get healthy.
  Ketogenic and loving it!
Passionate about healthy food, the impact it has on your body and assisting anyone in need of some nutritional education.
  Pregnant and staying fit!
For expecting mommas to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight for her and baby!
  We can loose the weight, 50+lbs
Group that motivates each other in our goal to loose over 50 lbs
  60+ with 25-50 lbs to Lose
60+ with 25-50 pounds to lose.
  30's with 50-100 lbs to Lose
30 somethings with 50-100 pounds to lose.
  Unattached, Healthy and Happy
This group is for single or divorced people.
  Kick Type II Diabetes
Hopefully this group will be able to provide an interchange of information and experiences of the fight against diabesity.
  LCHF Ketogenic Way of Living
Group of Ketogenic Dieters, who are following Keto Clarity rules.
  South Africa
A South African Diets Support Group
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Newest Groups

Amateur Radio Operators
Amateur Radio Operators

50 and just realized I'm Fabulous :)
Mutual support group for women in our fifties. For the butterflies who've been moths. This is a banner year!

Men Over 40 Weight Loss
For men over 40 to discuss ways of losing weight.

Short Girls Pear Girls
Are you short? Are you pear shaped? Let's swap food, fitness and fashion tips!