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Breakfast: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Coffee (Brewed From Grounds). Lunch: Trader Joe's Brown Cage Free Eggs (Large), Gwaltney Pork Sausage, Jalapeno Peppers, Baby Spinach, Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese.
Breakfast: Clif Bar Builder's Bar - Chocolate Peanut Butter, Nespresso Espresso. Lunch: Greek Salad, Vinaigrette Dressing, Plum, Cantaloupe Melons, Emerald Natural Walnuts & Almonds 100 Calorie Pack, Axelrod Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt, La Croix Lime Flavored Sparkling Water. Dinner: Chinese Fried Rice, Chow Fun Noodles with Meat and Vegetables, Tai Pei Chicken & Broccoli, Beef Stir Fry, La Croix Lime Flavored Sparkling Water, Tiramisu. Snacks/Other: Coffee, Old Fashioned, Bourbon.
Breakfast: Oranges, Egg Omelet or Scrambled Egg with Vegetables, Simple Truth Organic Coffee Creamer - Butterscotch (Simple Truth Organic), Decaffeinated Coffee, Now Chewable C-500 (Now). Lunch: Simple Truth Organic Baby Spring Mix, Poached Egg, Sardines, Avocados, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Walnuts, Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing (Home Recipe), Nature's Own Butterbread, Kraft American Cheese Slice, Kraft Singles White American Cheese Slices. Snacks/Other: Gala Apples, Dave's Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains & Seeds Thin-Sliced, Cinnamon, Simple Truth Organic Stevia Extract Blend Packets (Simple Truth Organic), Butter (Salted), Simple Truth Organic Natural White Corn Tortilla Chips (Simple Truth Organic), Simple Truth Organic Mild Salsa, thinkThin Think Kids Protein Bar - Peanut Butter Cup (thinkThin).
Breakfast: Great Value Heavy Whipping Cream Ultra Pasteurized, Argo Baking Powder (Double Acting, Aluminum Free), Coffee and Chicory, one minute muffin, Badia Whole Trilogy Health Seeds, Butter (Salted). Lunch: Coffee and Chicory, Great Value Heavy Whipping Cream Ultra Pasteurized, Laughing Cow Creamy Mozzarella, Coffee and Chicory, Great Value Heavy Whipping Cream Ultra Pasteurized, Laughing Cow Creamy Mozzarella. Dinner: Butter, Olive Oil, Kale, Collards, Nature's Place natures place chicken thighs boneless skinless, Black Pepper, Morton Salt, Cumin. Snacks/Other: Great Value Heavy Whipping Cream Ultra Pasteurized, Coffee and Chicory, Cece's Frozen Dark Chocolate Cream, Meat Pizza Topping, Coffee and Chicory, Great Value Heavy Whipping Cream Ultra Pasteurized.
Breakfast: Great Value Original Coffee Creamer, Coffee (Brewed From Grounds), Aquafina Water (16.9 oz), General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, 2% Fat Milk. Lunch: Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt - Strawberry (Container), Aquafina Water (16.9 oz), Jell-O Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Gelatin. Snacks/Other: Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream - Mint Chocolate Chip, Butter Pound Cake.
Breakfast: GT's Organic Raw Gingerade Kombucha, Nature's Way MCT Oil, Dandy Blend Dandy Blend, Lamb Leg (Whole (Shank and Sirloin) Lean Only, Trimmed to 1/4" Fat, Choice Grade). Dinner: Lamb Leg (Whole (Shank and Sirloin) Lean Only, Trimmed to 1/4" Fat, Choice Grade), Kirkland Signature Normandy-Style Vegetable Blend, Ripple Original Unsweetened Plant-Based Milk (8 oz), Twinlab Brewers Yeast, Feta Cheese, Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, Central Market Ground Flax Seed, Wegmans Organic Super Greens (Kale, Spinach, & Chard).
Breakfast: Egg Omelet or Scrambled Egg with Vegetables, Coffee with Cream and Sugar, Heinz 57 Steak Sauce, Member's Mark Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon, Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies, Sliced Bananas. Dinner: Smithfield Pork Spareribs, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, Cucumber, Great Value Romaine Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce (Includes Crisphead Types), Red Cabbage, Onions, Frieda's Daikon, Baby Spinach, Dole Green Onion, Fresh Selections Shredded Carrots, Member's Mark Real Crumbled Bacon, La Choy Chow Mein Noodles, Amport Foods Roasted & Salted Sunflower Seed Kernels, Bolthouse Farms Chunky Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing. Snacks/Other: Coffee-Mate Caramel Macchiato Coffee Creamer, Coffee-Mate Caramel Macchiato Coffee Creamer, Coffee (Brewed From Grounds).
Breakfast: 1% Fat Milk, General Mills Oatmeal Crisp Cereal. Lunch: Mayonnaise, Panera Bread French Baguette, Brie Cheese, Deli Sliced Ham. Dinner: Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Baked Potato Stuffed with Cheese (Peel Eaten), Daisy Light Sour Cream. Snacks/Other: Member's Mark Brownie Bites.
Breakfast: LIDL Hellas γλυκάνθη ΤΑΧΙΝΙ (Sesame paste). Lunch: Nature Made Magnesium 250mg. Dinner: Ελληνικά γαλακτοκομεία Α.Ε. Όλυμπος παραδοσιακό γιαούρτι-πρόβειο (Olympos traditional yoghurt-sheep), Granny Smith Apples. Snacks/Other: Nature Made Magnesium 250mg, Grapefruit, Nestle GR Λουμίδης Παπαγάλος Αρχοντικός (Loumidis Greek coffee "Parrot Royal"), White Bread, Figs, Tardyferon 80mg.
Breakfast: Deli Sliced Ham, Trader Joe's 100% Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns, HEB Real Egg Original, Great Value Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese, Coffee, Pure Via Stevia, Great Value Hazelnut Coffee Creamer, Meatballs with Sauce (Mixture). Lunch: Chick-fil-A Grilled Cobb Salad, Chick-fil-A Diet Lemonade (Large), Chick-fil-A Fat Free Honey Mustard Salad Dressing, Meatballs with Sauce (Mixture). Dinner: Samuel Adams Summer Ale Beer, Anheuser-Busch Bud Light Beer, 14" Cheese Pizza, Chicken Wing with Hot Pepper Sauce, Sbarro Cheese Calzone, Meatballs with Sauce (Mixture).
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