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Breakfast: Eggland's Best Large Grade A Eggs, Smithfield Thick Cut Bacon, Blueberries, Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Lunch: Pork Loin (Tenderloin), Hengstenberg Red Cabbage with Apple, Cooked Summer Squash and Onions (Fat Not Added in Cooking), Kroger Sliced Mushrooms, Fairlife Fat Free Ultra-Filtered Milk, Cracker Barrel Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar. Dinner: Dickey's Barbecue Baked Potato Casserole, Dickey's Barbecue Classic Yeast Roll, Dickey's Barbecue Beef Brisket, Dickey's Barbecue Green Beans, Dickey's Barbecue Creamed Spinach, Dickey's Barbecue Pulled Pork. Snacks/Other: Dave's Killer Bread Thin-Sliced Powerseed Bread, Smucker's Sugar Free Orange Marmalade, Kirkland Signature Thick Sliced Center Cut Bacon, Dannon Oikos Triple Zero - Peanut Butter Banana, Wheat Crackers, Great Value Sharp Cheddar Cheese.
Breakfast: Whole Milk, Whole Milk Plain Yogurt, Honey, Tea (Brewed), Capital Kombucha Ginger Kombucha, Oatmeal. Lunch: Green Peppers, Carrots, Capital Kombucha Ginger Kombucha, Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Chicken Meat (Roasting), Mushrooms, Onions, Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce. Dinner: Corn On The Cob with Butter, Ground Beef (95% Lean / 5% Fat), 365 Cinnamon Apple Sauce, Beer, Apples, Bread Crumbs, Onions, Egg, Ground Pork, Mashed Potatoes (Whole Milk Added). Snacks/Other: Tea (Brewed), Honey, 365 Greek Yogurt Plain.
Breakfast: Torani Sugar Free Salted Caramel Syrup, Regular Coffee, Darigold 40% Heavy Whipping Cream, Butter (Salted). Lunch: Egg, Great Value Hickory Smoked Thick Sliced Bacon. Dinner: Kirkland Signature Minced California Garlic, Bertolli Creamy Alfredo Sauce, Cauliflower, Cooked Green String Beans (from Frozen), Cooked Mature Onions, Shrimp, Broiled or Baked Pork Chop (Lean and Fat Eaten). Snacks/Other: Kirkland Signature Dry Roasted Almonds, Sugar Free Root Beer, Atkins Endulge Caramel Nut Chew Bar.
Breakfast: Blue Bonnet Light Soft Spread Margarine, Pillsbury Grands! Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits, Egg, Pillsbury Grands! Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits. Lunch: Apples, Peach. Dinner: Ground Beef (90% Lean / 10% Fat, Patty, Cooked, Broiled), Ground Beef (90% Lean / 10% Fat, Patty, Cooked, Broiled), Signature Select French Bread. Snacks/Other: Chia Pudding.
Breakfast: Chicken Sandwich. Lunch: Taco or Tostada with Chicken, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and Salsa. Dinner: Costco Ciabatta Rolls, Butter (Salted), Chicken Thigh (Skin Not Eaten). Snacks/Other: Cappuccino, Element Dark Chocolate Rice Cake, Nectarines.
Breakfast: Spring Valley Glucosamine Chondroitin, Coffee, Butter (Salted), Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Celery, Kale, Publix Red Bell Pepper, Oriental Radishes, Spectrum Apple Cider Vinegar, Kettle Brand Himalayan Salt, Fried Egg. Lunch: Monterray Bay Spice Company white peony tea bai mu dan, loose brewed, Tangerine. Dinner: Chicken Wing (Skin Eaten). Snacks/Other: Liquid Health Liquid Health Daily Multiple Cherry Flavor.
Breakfast: Designer Whey French Vanilla Protein Powder, Spectrum Organic Ground Flaxseed, Spinach Spinach powder, Cinnamon, ShopRite Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal, Kroger Old Fashioned Oatmeal. Lunch: Crispy treats, Tomato soup, Kirkland Signature Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, Silk Pure Almond Milk - Unsweetened Original, Thomas' Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins. Dinner: Crispy treats, Broccoli, Anheuser-Busch Bud Light Beer, White Rice, Publix Sea Scallops, Wegmans Cooked Shrimp, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit. Snacks/Other: Chocolate fudge.
Breakfast: Butter (Salted), Egg, Bacon. Lunch: artisan wraps applewood prosciuto fresh Mozzarella , Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt - Cherry. Dinner: Baked or Fried Coated Chicken Drumstick with Skin (Skin/Coating Eaten). Snacks/Other: Ghirardelli Intense Dark Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao (1).
Breakfast: Coffee. Lunch: Red Lobster Sides - Fresh Asparagus (Seasonal), Butter (Salted), Red Lobster Tomato Caprese Salad, Red Lobster Snow Crab Legs (1 Pound).
Breakfast: Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend K-Cup, Cream (Half & Half), McCormick Cinnamon Sugar, Bays Original English Muffin, Butter. Lunch: Fried Floured or Breaded Perch, Potato French Fries. Dinner: Little Caesars Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza. Snacks/Other: Walmart Pumpkin Roll, White Icing, Utz Cheese Balls, Cape Cod Waffle Cut Sea Salt Chips.
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