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Breakfast: Metamucil Orange Smooth Multihealth Fiber, Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula. Lunch: Garden of Life Super Seed Fiber Supplement, Wish-Bone Red Wine Vinaigrette, Fresh Express Chopped Romaine, Skinless Chicken Breast, GNC Puredge Complete Vegan Protein. Dinner: Pork Shoulder (Whole), Wish-Bone Red Wine Vinaigrette, Fresh Express Chopped Romaine, Herdez Salsa Verde. Snacks/Other: Pistachio Nuts, Luigi's Real Italian Ice - Lemon & Strawberry.
Breakfast: Cottage Cheese, Great Value Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Lunch: Great Value Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese, EZ Taco Meat. Dinner: Newman's Own Sockarooni Pasta Sauce, Schar Gluten Free Spaghetti, Great Value Italian Style Meatballs.
Breakfast: Egg Beaters Egg Beaters - Original, Ketchup, Omaha Steaks Precooked Bacon Slices, Adams Diced Onion, Kroger Sliced Mushrooms. Lunch: Grapes (American Type, Slip Skin), Progresso Light Vegetable & Noodle Soup, Great Value Hamburger Dill Chips Pickles, Nickles Light 35 White Bread, Mazola Butter Cooking Spray, Sargento Reduced Fat Colby-Jack Cheese Slices, French's Classic Yellow Mustard, Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Swirl Bread. Dinner: Tomatoes, Lean Cuisine Comfort Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes. Snacks/Other: Potato Chips, Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop, Aquafina Water (16.9 oz), Aquafina Water (16.9 oz), Aquafina Water (16.9 oz), Aquafina Water (16.9 oz), Driscoll's Strawberries.
Breakfast: Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie, Archer Farms Chef Salad. Lunch: Trader Joe's Olive Tapenade, Citterio Genoa Salame, Citterio Provolone Cheese. Snacks/Other: Chicken Drumstick, Milk (Nonfat).
Breakfast: Tap Water, Peanut Delight Creamy Peanut Butter, Specially Selected vanilla flavored pizzelle-Italian Waffle Cookie (specially selected), Southern Grove Soutern Grove Pitted prunes. Lunch: Fried Breaded or Floured Pork Steak or Cutlet, Sausage Gravy, Regular Coffee, Tap Water, Barilla Orzo, Chicken Vegetable Soup. Dinner: Pork Roast (Lean Only Eaten), Black Forest (Chocolate-Cherry) Cake, Lemon, Cooked Carrots (from Fresh, Fat Not Added in Cooking), Tap Water, Green Peas (Frozen), Wegmans Whipped Mashed Potatoes. Snacks/Other: A&W Diet Cream Soda, Fit & Active Light String Cheese.
Breakfast: Boiled Egg. Lunch: Chicken Breast - Boneless, Skinless, Sauteed, 4 oz . Dinner: Birds Eye Normandy Blend Vegetables, Chicken Breast - Boneless, Skinless, Sauteed, 4 oz. Snacks/Other: Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars - Oats 'N Honey, Dole Frozen Sliced Peaches, Wendy's Grilled Chicken Go Wrap, Dole Tropical Gold Pineapple.
Breakfast: Purple Power Detox Smoothie. Lunch: Chipper chocolate shake. Dinner: Arthur's Green Energy Smoothies, Fresh Express Caesar Supreme Complete Salad Kit. Snacks/Other: Apples, Trader Joe's Spicy Hummus Dip, Trader Joe's Baby Carrots.
Breakfast: Cuscuz (Cozido), Cafezinho. Lunch: Repolho Verde, Couve-Flor Cozida (de Couve-Flor Fresca, Cozinhado sem Gordura Adicionada), Molho de Pimenta, Carne de Vaca da Costela (Parte Menor e Final, Cortado até 0,3 cm de Gordura), Arroz Branco (Médio, Cozido). Dinner: Arroz Branco, Carne de Vaca da Costela (Parte Menor e Final, Cortado até 0,3 cm de Gordura). Snacks/Other: Pão Francês, Cookies com Pepitas de Chocolate (Macio), Delícia Margarina Extra Cremosa, Dafruta Suco de Maracujá.
Breakfast: Oatmeal. Lunch: Water, Juanita's Foods Tortilla Chips, Boca Meatless Ground Crumbles, Goya Lentils, Dole Romaine Lettuce, Maria and Ricardo's Sprouted Grain Tortillas. Dinner: Stewed Chicken Thigh (Skin Not Eaten), Cantaloupe Melons. Snacks/Other: Water, Borden White American Cheese Singles.
Breakfast: Sugar, Coffee, Land O'Lakes Fat Free Half & Half. Lunch: Fresh Express Caesar Complete Salad Kit. Snacks/Other: Gin, Polar Diet Tonic Water.
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