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Breakfast: Atkins French Vanilla Shake, Nabisco Wheat Thins Crackers - Sundried Tomato & Basil. Lunch: Nabisco Wheat Thins Crackers - Sundried Tomato & Basil.
Breakfast: General Mills Lucky Charms Cereal, Milk (Whole Milk). Lunch: Branston Baked beans, Il Villaggio Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese. Dinner: Salteado de Pollo, Coconut Oil, Hacendado Atún Claro en Aceite de Girasol. Snacks/Other: Hummus, Cucumber (with Peel), Whole Milk, Sugar, Green Peas (Frozen), Sweetened Condensed Milk, Sugar.
Breakfast: Granny Smith Apples. Lunch: White Bread, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Egg, Beef, White Rice (Long-Grain, Cooked), Red Delicious Apples. Dinner: Granny Smith Apples, Oranges. Snacks/Other: White Bread, Nestle GR Λουμίδης Παπαγάλος Αρχοντικός (Loumidis Greek coffee "Parrot Royal"), Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt, Granny Smith Apples, Loquats, Granny Smith Apples.
Breakfast: Sanitarium Almond Milk Unsweetened, Protein World The Slender Blend, Green Tea. Lunch: Youfoodz Charcoal Pork & Dirty Rice, Green Tea. Dinner: Frozen Strawberries, Blueberries, Kefir, Honey Jun tea. Snacks/Other: Celery, Carrots, Cottage Cheese (Lowfat 2% Milkfat), Kingaroy Peanuts, Nutshell Qld Peanuts, Mexican Flavoured.
Breakfast: Scrambled Egg, Longhorn Steakhouse Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions, Italian Sausage. Dinner: Cavit Pinot Noir, Water, Trader Joe's Wild Caught Alaskan Halibut, Dream Dinners Polenta, Cooked Vegetables (from Fresh, Fat Not Added in Cooking), Coffee (Brewed From Grounds), Tillamook Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.
Breakfast: Banana, Strawberries, Baby Spinach, Blueberries, Simple Truth Organic Fat Free Milk, Frozen Ice Cubes, Blackberries. Lunch: Water, Scrambled Egg, Tomatoes, Baby Spinach, Black Pepper, Toasted White Bread. Dinner: Outback Steakhouse House Salad, Grilled Chicken, IBC Root Beer, Outback Steakhouse Side Bread & Butter. Snacks/Other: StarKist Foods White Albacore Tuna in Water (Pouch), Almonds, Kraft Wheat Thins Reduced Fat, Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials - Classic Chocolate Malt, Milk (Nonfat).
Breakfast: Avocados, Egg. Lunch: Bean and Ham Soup (Home Recipe), Spaghetti Winter Squash (Without Salt, Drained, Cooked, Boiled, Baked). Dinner: Beef Steak, Iceberg Lettuce (Includes Crisphead Types), Ranch Salad Dressing, Breyers Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Sweet Potato. Snacks/Other: Keto Pizza, Brie Cheese, Boar's Head Black Forest Deli Ham, Rosarita Refried Beans.
Breakfast: Albertsons Heavy Whipping Cream, Egg, Butter, Hometown Buffet Shredded Cheddar Cheese. Dinner: Beef Top Sirloin (Trimmed to 1/8" Fat), Olive Oil, Butter (Salted), Great Value Sliced Non-Smoked Provolone Cheese.
Breakfast: Lemon Cake with Icing. Lunch: Chilaquiles, Tortilla Casserole with Salsa, Cheese and Egg, Refried Beans, Spanish Rice. Dinner: Dickey's Barbecue Brisket, Dickey's Barbecue Bread Sandwich Bun, Dickey's Barbecue Jalapeno Beans.
Lunch: Private Selection Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast, Blount Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Smoked Gouda. Dinner: Tomatoes, Galbani Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Delallo Balsamic Glaze, Joseph's Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Thin Sandwich Rolls, Little Salad Bar Chicken Salad. Snacks/Other: Southern Grove Party Peanuts.
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