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Breakfast: Ideal Protein Cookies-N-Cream Bar. Lunch: Ideal Protein Maple Oatmeal. Dinner: Trader Joe's Boneless Beef Rib Eye Steak, Asparagus, Spinach, Cucumber (with Peel), Mushrooms, Beaver Honey Mustard, Olive Oil, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar All Natural Drink, Dole Field Greens.
Breakfast: Coffee with Cream and Sugar, Scrambled Egg, Fresh Ham. Lunch: Rotisserie Chicken, Corn, Yam , Bread Stuffing, Kroger Baby Carrots. Snacks/Other: Lipton Brisk Lemon Iced Tea, Herr's BBQ Potato Chips.
Lunch: 日清 UFO.
Breakfast: Juhayna 0% fat milk, Kellogg's All-Bran Flakes (with Raisins).
Breakfast: Чистая Линия Творог Обезжиренный, Рогачев Молоко Сгущенное Стерилизованное Цельное, Каждый День Клюква, Краски лета Малина Быстрозамороженная, Боско bread пророщ. зерно с подсолнечником.
Breakfast: Coffee with Cream and Sugar. Lunch: Cucumber Salad with Creamy Dressing, Yam, Hengstenberg Red Cabbage with Apple, Bread Stuffing, Broccoli, Corn, Turkey Breast Meat. Dinner: Herr's Jalapeno Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Wawa Meatball Sub, Wawa Garden Salad, Ken's Steak House Lite Country French. Snacks/Other: Miller Brewing Company Lite Beer (Bottle), Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.
Breakfast: Kellogg's Just Right, Fresh 'N Fruity Lite Yoghurt. Snacks/Other: Bananas, Oranges.
Breakfast: Corn, Tomatoes, Garlic Wraps, Dole Romaine Lettuce, Fried Egg, Coffee. Snacks/Other: Belgian No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate with Almonds.
Breakfast: Weight Watchers Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, Mixed Grain Bread, Poached Egg, Milk (Fat Free or Skim, Calcium Fortified). Lunch: Sausage Roll.
Breakfast: Avocado, Gloria Jeans Long Black (Regular), Ciabatta, Egg, Hollandaise Sauce, Bacon.
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