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FatSecret members recently rated these recipes for Ultrametabolism, Phase 2 - Rebalance Your Metabolism:
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Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Looking for taste, then try the terrific flavors of jerk seasoning on tender chicken.
cals: 271kcal | fat: 3.55g | carbs: 11.64g | prot: 45.46g
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Chicken Marsala
Plenty of delicious flavor without too much fat or salt.
cals: 357kcal | fat: 6.78g | carbs: 8.72g | prot: 56.40g
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Bok Choi Salad
A salad you can really mix up with other ingredients like spinach, roasted pumpkin, spanish onion and goat’s c ...
cals: 205kcal | fat: 5.67g | carbs: 31.94g | prot: 12.09g
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Prawn with Green Peppercorns
This recipe seems like a sophisticated seafood dish and in the mind of your guests it will be but it's pretty ...
cals: 231kcal | fat: 8.42g | carbs: 6.12g | prot: 24.05g
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Pepper Steak
Great over brown rice.
cals: 321kcal | fat: 12.48g | carbs: 8.48g | prot: 42.07g
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