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Mashed Cauliflower
Lovely steamed cauliflower mashed with cheese and garlic.
cals: 67kcal | fat: 0.98g | carbs: 11.76g | prot: 5.32g
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Whole Wheat and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
A healthier alternative to regular chocolate chip cookies, made with whole wheat flour and oat bran
cals: 166kcal | fat: 7.07g | carbs: 24.52g | prot: 2.41g
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Spinach Patties
Makes one large spinach patty or divide to make smaller ones.
cals: 165kcal | fat: 5.10g | carbs: 13.19g | prot: 22.23g
average member ranking
Quinoa and Black Beans
A high protein vegetarian dish, good hot or cold, especially the next day.
cals: 108kcal | fat: 1.51g | carbs: 19.44g | prot: 5.10g
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Pear Bran Muffins
Yummy breakfast muffins filled with whole grain.
cals: 133kcal | fat: 5.06g | carbs: 19.81g | prot: 4.76g
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The No S Diet was created by Reinhard Engels and incorporates three simple rules and one exception; no snacks, no sweets and no seconds, except (sometimes) on days that start with "S".

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