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I try to get as many fresh fruits and vegetables possible to fill me up. I eat only boneless chicken breast, and very lean ground beef usually 95-96%, turkey breat, and tunafish. I do not go fat free hardly ever as all they do is add more sugars and more additives that aren't very healthy. I have a water retention problem so I really watch my sodium closely and drink extra water if it goes to high. I really try to stay under 1800 mg. I know that sounds high but it is very hard with all the stuff that carries sodium in it. Many a days it is easy but there are a few that are harder. I will normally eat a higher sodium meal that i like on my mondays as I have the rest of the week to loose it. I weigh myself everyday to stay in check with myself. It is very normal to go up and own through the whole week but for me it is about the numbers and how my body feels. I watch just about all my nutrients to a certain level just some are more important to me then others. I want to eat this way for life so I need to be able to have a large variety of foods and I eat just about anything within moderation. I try to get at least 4 days of exercise and I really push myself hard when I do.

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Do what works for you not anyone else. I feel that you need to be able to eat more or less what you want in moderation as this is the rest of your life so get use to it and you have to like it to stay on it for lifelong. I am very honest about my weight as it is not like people don't see it and that keeps me humble for sure.
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I am a 41 year old grandmother and couldn't happier about that. I live in Upstate New York way up like my town is the Canadian Border. I hate the winters. I am a total sun worshipper. I need to loose this weight and start to live life the way I really want ...
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Grahm cracker topped with fat free strawberry cream cheese fresh blueberries and drizzle of honey.
cals: 158kcal | fat: 1.84g | carbs: 31.67g | prot: 5.22g
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Chicken and Spanish Rice
A perfectly balanced meal that's high in flavor but low in fat.
cals: 549kcal | fat: 5.24g | carbs: 60.76g | prot: 59.92g
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1.Never give up to yourself.
2.Don't hang out with anyone that doesn't encourage you to be better.
3.Listen to your inner self first.
4.Talk to youself 3 times a day and give yourself a boost. I tell myself "I know I can do this and I am worth it". Stuff like that.
5.Don't be to hard on yourself when you are bad. Just start over again until you get it right.
6.Treat yourself once a week to either a meal or just a snack. It really works for me to stay focused on what I will treat myself to next Monday.

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I first started just watching the most important nutrients to me. Like fat, calories and sodium and to this day those still are my main ones I watch everyday. I do allot of research on foods, fitness and diets on the net. If I can think of a question to ask I go on the net and ask a nutritionist and wait for the responses. I am always doing something on the net to stay motivated.

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