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Some diets are Low Fat. Some are Low Sodium. It's hard to find a diet that focuses on all around good health. That's why I created my own. My aim is to lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good. I also aim to keep the blood pressure down.

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 How To Follow Theresa's low-fat/low-sodium diet:

In choosing the foods that you buy, remember to look at the nutrition labels. And check out the servings size or servings per container. In an effort to fool you, the fat/sodium/cholesterol may look low, but the serving size might be 2 per container!
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Pan Fried Tilapia
A quick and easy fish supper with lovely flavors.
cals: 186kcal | fat: 8.99g | carbs: 3.71g | prot: 23.33g
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terryr97's top tips

1.Start gradually! Don't force yourself to cut out all sweets, fatty meats, white flour products, etc. all at once. That's a recipe for failure.
2.Try switching to lower fat milk products. Try out different vegetables that you may not have ever tried before (check back for some great recipes). Remember, you have to keep it interesting. Boredom = failure too.
3.Remember to add some parsley to any bean items you cook (soups, stews, etc.). A horrible case of gas makes you no one's friend. :o)
4.Don't jump into 5 vegetables/5 fruits right away if you're not used to eating that much. Your insides will hate you if you do.
5.You can treat yourself for a job well done. That does not mean hot fudge sundaes or any high fat/salt foods that you can get your hands on. Why work on losing 2 lbs just to gain it all back on one snack? Make sensible choices.
6.Exercise is a must. Even if it's only a little walking or sitting in a chair and lifting your feet off the floor. Try light hand weights. Every little bit helps. (If you're in good health, work a little harder). Check with your doctor. And Good Luck!

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I always knew "how" to eat healthy. I just didn't follow my own advice. When my doctor told me I'd have to go on medication for my high blood pressure and high cholesterol, that was my wake-up call.

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