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Breakfast was usually oatmeal. Now I have that with fruit, salt, pepper, but no milk or sugar. Lunch, some broth-based soup and a half sandwich with mustard. I eat half as much as I used to at dinner.

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Don't think you're dieting. Just eat slowly and enjoy. Get up from the meal. Never put seconds on your plate, and make your firsts palm sized.
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1.Do simple things. Take the milk and sugar off the oatmeal. Take the dressing off the salad.
2.One helping, stupid. And be able to cover that with your hand. Three constitute a meal.
3.Salads are a free item, as long as their dressed with non-caloric dressings like balsamic vinegar.
4.Eat slowly.
5.Work your pushing muscles. Push back from the table.

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This is the diet that doesn't make a big deal of itself. What's hard was re-committing to it. But now that I'm on it, again, it is easy. It works. I want to make it a lifelong habit, but my body has ways of sneaking around me. So, we'll see.

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