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I have pretty much been following this method of eating for the past three months and have lost 30 pounds. I drink protein shakes in the morning with almond milk and brown rice powder that I buy at vitacost for 10.59 per container and it actually tastes good. I eat a lot of grilled vegetables and steamed vegetables and at least a side salad at dinner but very little dressing. I drink a lot of unsweetened tea but I have my vice, cherry coke. If I buy one I normally drink about 8 oz of it or less which is 100 cal. When I need something sweet I reach for dark chocolate. I always take the stairs and park far from the door at stores.

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If it is processed food- try to avoid it. If it has high fructose corn syrup-try to avoid it. If it is primarily animal fat other than meat-don't eat it. Embrace your vegetables and go to the farmers market or at least try a new vegetable each week. I guarantee you are going to find some that you like.
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1.Avoid dairy products, (milk, cheese, cream) and things with casein like whey, (brown rice protein powder) does not have casein, nor does soy but for cancer reasons it may be better to use the rice. I don't use milk products because it reduces my asthma symptoms to barely any.
2.Avoid any diet drinks, nothing with aspartame, or phenylalanine.
3.Avoid any animal based fat for fat needed in cooking (no butter) and especially no hydrogenated ANYTHING
4.If you need a sweet fix, try something like dark chocolate or something that you only need 3-4 bites of to be satisfied. Example (two squares Lindt excellence dark chocolate with sea salt is 90 cal)
5.Carry mints that are very intense in flavor if you get cravings a lot.
6.Make sure to take a calcium, magnesium, potassium supplement and a multivitamin.

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I have developed and started using this diet in response to my mother going on Ideal Protein. I did not like the idea of drinking soy based shakes or eating soy based protein meals so for about a month I was totally vegan. The next month I started adding a little meat at dinner. I still normally only eat meat with dinner and find that I like to skip it altogether some days and I used to be a meat with every meal person.

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