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I eat high fiber, high protien, low fat. I drink as much water as I remember to ( about 6-7 glasses or bottles a day.) I gave up soda totally.
For breakfast I usually have high fiber cereal or Egg Beaters. Lunch, turkey breast, fruit and lowfat mozzarella cheese. Dinner, maybe grilled chicken breast, fresh steamed vegetables, brown rice.

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I have lost 23 pounds since July. It comes off very slowly, which is frustrating, but hopefully it will stay off. Take your time, get moving ( walking is fine ) and don't give up.
  by member 40togo
Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, but I thought I'd hang out awhile. I've seen some great tips so far, and it's inspiring to see so many people doing well in the battle to lose. I've been overweight since I was a child. The usual, lose,gain, ...
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Vanilla Cheesecake
No one will believe that this dessert has lower fat. It's still a splurge though, so don't go nutty.
cals: 277kcal | fat: 10.67g | carbs: 35.52g | prot: 9.98g
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1.Eat breakfast every day, with some protein
2.No soda, diet or otherwise

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I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high glucose, high cholestrol at the beginning of July. I immediately began to make changes in my eating.

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