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Zuzuka Light is a wonderful and entertaining workout guru.

Her workouts are short 10-20 minutes with 5 minutes of warm up and 5 of cool down. They are available online on her website and youtube for free. They minimal equipment (eg. chair, mat, timer). So they are very affordable with money, time, and space.

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Here are the workouts: http://zuzkalight.com/category...

This page filters the workouts by equipement needed, jumping, type of workout etc:
And it also includes Zuzuka's Body Rock TV workouts.

This page is where people list their times and sets, for comparison and tracking:

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reang's top tips

1.Lots of general diet and exercise advice from Zuzuka: http://zuzkalight.com/category...

About / History

Zuzuka started making videos with Body Rock TV before she started Zuzuka Light. She has come out with a DVD series, and a power yoga series.

I have previously lost 30lbs with her workouts before she started Zuzuka Light, but have gained the weight back because I was not keeping up with it. So here I go again.

  Why choose "Zuzuka Light"?
 Promotes long term weight loss
 Provides an energy boost
 Improves mood and outlook
 A roadmap for a healthier lifestyle

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