Texas Tech Whole Foods Eating Plan


The Whole foods weight loss eating plan controls the intake of refined sugars or flour and encourages intake of whole, unprocessed foods. It contains a moderate amount of starch, protein and fat.
The website refers to "green light" and "red light" foods.

Refer to the food charts at the Texas Tech website for a complete listing of the foods.

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 Foods you can have

Breads, Grains, Cereals, Pasta, Rice
Meat and Fish
Fruit and Fruit Juices
Vegetables and Legumes (e.g. Beans)
Dairy Products - Milk, Cheese, etc
Eggs and Egg Substitutes
Nuts and Seeds
Fats and Oils
Herbs, Spices, Sauces
Others, Snacks, Sweets, etc

Not OK

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 How To Follow Texas Tech Whole Foods Eating Plan:

Record all intake daily.
Can eat as much as desired of green, non-starchy vegetables, fish, very lean meat (poultry), egg whites, reduced fat cheese (especially cottage cheese), tea or coffee as needed to satisfy hunger.
Controlled amount of carbs - 5 per day:
one carb equals 1 slice bread, 1/2 cup pasta or rice, 1 small banana, or 1/2 cup potatoes or starchy vegetable.
Whole fresh fruit, except bananas, may be consumed without sugar added.
Also required is equivalent to 2 cups of dairy in form of yogurt or skim milk or sugar-free puddings or frozen non-fat, sugar free desserts.
Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.
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Crustless Spinach Pie II
Healthy and delicious (and simple) spinach quiche.
cals: 58kcal | fat: 1.06g | carbs: 3.93g | prot: 8.59g
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With aubergine, courgettes, peppers, tomato, onions and chili, this ratatouille is fantastic.
cals: 199kcal | fat: 7.76g | carbs: 32.55g | prot: 5.39g
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Crockpot Carnitas
Pork roast prepared Mexican style.
cals: 93kcal | fat: 3.37g | carbs: 2.30g | prot: 12.30g
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Crustless Asparagus Quiche
Classic asparagus quiche without the crust.
cals: 152kcal | fat: 5.97g | carbs: 10.37g | prot: 14.79g
average member ranking
Blackbean and Quinoa Salad
A very flavorful dish that is simple to make, high in protein and very low in fat.
cals: 219kcal | fat: 5.39g | carbs: 36.31g | prot: 9.20g
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kclab's top tips

1.Weigh weekly.
2.Record food intake daily.
3.Fresh fruit and veggies are the rules.

About / History

Developed in the 1990's by the Texas Tech medical school; allows a person's nutritional needs to be supplied naturally. Designed to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides; helpful for diabetics and persons at risk for heart disease.

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