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The main idea of the diet is to build muscle and decrease body fat. The way to do this is to cycle your calories and eat the right macro nutrients for the activity you are doing. Weight lifting days include higher calories with higher carbs while cardio days are lower calories with a higher concentration of protein. A more full explanation can be found at this website.

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The easiest way to follow this diet is simply to use fatsecret.com, and even then I would say you don't need it unless you're seriously concerned with your goal. Just make sure you're eating healthy foods, and that you eat a little more on you're weight lifting days.
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A 21 year old college student. Just came off a cutting phase and am now looking to bulk up a little bit, but doing it the right way building lean muscle and keeping body fat the same if not losing more.
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1.Make it work for you. Don't follow a rigid plan. Customize your diet to work for your life and your schedule. I've found my diet became more of a life style change rather than a temporary diet.
2.Be consistent and hold yourself accountable.
3.It's ok to eat bad once in awhile. Just not all the time. If you're good 70-80% of the time then you're alright with something here and there.
4.This diet is specific to building muscle. If you're trying to lose body fat/weight then would not recommend this diet.

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I've been a frequent visitor of fitnessblackbook.com and kinobody.com which are both excellent fitness websites that work to being healthy and fit. I highly recommend you visit each website whether your goal be to lose weight or to put on muscle.

And while now I'm trying to gain a little weight I originally came across a diet on fitnessblackbook.com that worked wonders for me. I considered myself in decent shape already from working out multiple times a week, but after correcting my diet I lost around 10 pounds (from 184 to as low as 168 at one point) in a little over a month. This diet can be found here:


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