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My diet is based on the information I collected on's pyramid tool and calorie calculator. I eat 5-6 times a day (always small portions based on single serving sizes). I stay moderately active and work out 2-3 times a week.

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 Foods you can have

Breads, Grains, Cereals, Pasta, Rice
Meat and Fish
Fruit and Fruit Juices
Vegetables and Legumes (e.g. Beans)
Dairy Products - Milk, Cheese, etc
Eggs and Egg Substitutes
Nuts and Seeds
Fats and Oils
Herbs, Spices, Sauces
Others, Snacks, Sweets, etc

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Just WANT to do it. The more you want to do something, the easier it will be for you to follow through.
  by member missamysghost
I'm in my late 20s, I'm not healthy, I'm not happy, I'm working on fixing that.
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If you are missing pizza, this one is for you.
cals: 231kcal | fat: 18.61g | carbs: 9.24g | prot: 8.38g
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missamysghost's top tips

1.Stay active. Walk whenever and wherever you can. Work out 3 or more times per week and try to do other fun activities on the days you aren't following a planned workout.
2.Eat up to 3 portion controlled meals and 3 100 calorie or less snacks per day. Try to include something from each food group in every full meal. has a great food pyramid tool that can help you determine how much of each food group you need per day to be healthy as well as the maximum number of calories you can have in order to lose weight AND a list of serving sizes!!
3.Instead of using commercial diet foods that promise a certain nutritional balance, try to plan your own meal with simple, basic ingredients with easy-to-calculate nutritional information.
4.Make it a permanent lifestyle change. Learn to choose healthy foods and activities that you truly enjoy. Don't eat something or do something that you don't want to do just because someone somewhere promised you'd lose weight faster because of it. You can only lose weight if you want to lose weight and you're only going to be happy if you're doing something you want to do.
5.Try to stay positive. Sometimes this is difficult to do on your own. If possible, find a gym buddy to encourage you to stick to your program. If not, still tell everyone you know about any progress you've made. Friends, family members, even the cashier at the grocery store. Just tell people. The more you say it out loud, the easier it will be to persevere.
6.Relax. Sometimes we fall off the wagon. Sometimes we're too tired to go to the gym. Sometimes grabbing a burger is just easier. Just because we make one mistake every once in a while doesn't mean we've totally blown our whole diet AS LONG AS WE DON'T GIVE IN to feelings of guilt or assumed failure. You will only fail if you stop trying. So, when you "fall off the wagon," just think about everything you've accomplished tomorrow and remember you can bounce right back into doing the right things tomorrow.

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I have been overweight my entire life. I am also clinically depressed. I've tried all sorts of things to combat my depression, but the only thing that has worked so far is choosing a healthy lifestlye. I am not saying my depression is cured or even properly treated, but I can say, with all confidence, that my life has improved since I started eating right, exercising and focusing on making myself feel better.

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