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This diet plan has been developed by me, based on my experiences and my readings.My plan is always open for improvements and suggestions. If you have a suggestion for me, please feel free to message me :)

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 How To Follow Deserve Victory's own diet:

Rule #1: If you are hungry, EAT!
Rule #2: Avoid white flour and sweeteners.
Rule #3: Drink as much water as you can.
Rule #4: Exercise, even if you start off slowly, progress is still progress regardless.
Rule #5: Do not feel guilty, fat, depressed, discouraged or ashamed. You are already moving in the right direction.
Rule #6: Listen to your body. Learn to distinguish between sugar/fat cravings and your body's actual cravings and how to tell if you are truly hungry.
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Deserve Victory's top tips

1.Avoid white flour. Always choose whole wheat options. Generally, stone ground whole wheat bread that has as much fiber per slice as possible (3 grams or more per slice). Avoid excess flour products like bagles, muffins, subs, buns, ect.
2.Eat as many vegetables as possible. Every meal should include some type of fruit or vegetable. Vegetables are full of nutrients and can turn a dull meal into a colourful feast. Tip: While cooking, ask yourself how many vegetables can you put in this meal? Have you tried a new vegetable lately?
3.Stay hydrated! Drink as much water as you can. Supplement your water intake with tea, or possibly skim milk if you really need a change. Avoid fluids that are sweetened, they are needless calories. Side note: I still drink coffee everyday, but i limit the sugar and only use skim milk.
4.Plan ahead and take packaged lunches. Eating out should be a treat, not a daily lunch habit.
5.Don't go crazy and never feel guilty. An occasional beer is not going to kill you.
6.Watch your portion sizes. Your food should be healthy and tasty, buy you wont make any progress if you overeat.

About / History

This is not an official diet. This is a combination of advice I have read, diets I have tried, and things that I have learned works for me. There is a strong influence from the G.I. Diet (the glycemic index diet) as I found that diet was very effective and the advice made sense. I personally believe that the actual nutritional content of our food is more important than the calories it contains. But, a calorie awareness is still required. I also avoid sweeteners. When required I will use raw sugar or honey. I do not care what the studies show, I do not trust chemical sweeteners.

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