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Diet has to be for life and easily adaptable to suit special diets, lifestyles etc. And adaptable between weight loss and weight maintaining. Eating healthily, finding healthier and lower fat and sugar foods has to be of benefit. So the motto says it all. Find out what your body needs, the proportions of fats to carbs to proteins etc. Feed your body with the nutrients it needs. Then around that if losing weight cut down a little on the portion sizes. Find out though ways of doing that that dovetails well with the sorts of things you already enjoy. For instance I love to cook and love cooking new recipes, so the challenge comes in...find new recipes that are healthy. I love spicy food, especially Asian foods, indian foods etc, so I cook a lot of tasty, highly spiced meals.

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Use the app or this website to record your calorie intake. Look at the proportions of food intake. Fat should be no more than 30%, Carbs no more than 50% and that should not be largely sugars but should be starches. I aim for around 2000 calories a day which means a steady weight loss. In reality I could eat more and do if dining out but I am not looking for dramatic weight loss just healthier living with a steady return to my ideal weight. How you do all that is up to you. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner with no snacks apart from fruit in between. I eat fruit whenever I want and quite a bit of it. I have all but cut out the alcohol and instead drink no added sugar squashes with carbonated spring water (buy in bulk, I get through loads) and no milk in coffee. Thats about it in a nutshell.
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Gunnamenta's top tips

1.Low fat eating, plenty of proteins and complex starches.
2.No sweet snacks at all. Fill a large fruit bowl with plenty of colourful fresh fruits and eat them whenever the nibbles attack.
3.Keep moving, step it up, stand not sit, fidget not stand, walk not drive etc etc, take it to the next most active level.
4.Eat less, eat better and move more but dont do it with things you dont enjoy. You wont stick to diet and exercise you really dont enjoy.

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I have dieted many times in the past but largely on my own despite the fact that my wife probably has more of a need. This year after our summer vacation, for the first time the idea came from my wife. So I felt she needed something she could enjoy and that wouldn't be a one week wonder because she couldn't stick to it. My starting point was reminding myself of the slimming world diet (a good diet I think) and adapting it to our use. Gradually that became the diet we are on now. Largely now it is based on calorie counting (this site and mobile app is a boon) and utilising the calorie allowance to feed our bodies in a healthy way.

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