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This is a diet based on good old fashioned common sense, and listening to one's body. We all know how to loose weight - it isn't rocket science - but it is difficult to change life long bad habits and patterns - which is where we're going with this.

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 Foods you can have

Breads, Grains, Cereals, Pasta, Rice
Meat and Fish
Fruit and Fruit Juices
Vegetables and Legumes (e.g. Beans)
Dairy Products - Milk, Cheese, etc
Eggs and Egg Substitutes
Nuts and Seeds
Fats and Oils
Herbs, Spices, Sauces
Others, Snacks, Sweets, etc

Not OK

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 How To Follow Carrie's Common Sense:

The basis of this diet is organic, whole foods - which means no splenda, diet sodas, or man-made processed foods - nothing fake - just real food.

Per Day:
Aiming for 100% organic ~ Drink 4 liters of water per day ~ 70 to 90 grams lean protein ~ Walk 1 hour per day ~ Vitmain and Mineral Supplements ~ Various body cleanses - colonix, liver, kidney, etc.. ~ Minimum 4 cups of organic tea ~ Stevia is ok
  by member caree_me
I am a 31 year old mom in Ottawa, Canada. I have been struggling with my own weight since my son was born, and up until then, it was barely an issue - go figure! I guess I should also mention that my son is 15 years old - so, I've been struggling with my ...
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caree_me's top tips

1.Walk a minimum of 1 hour per day
2.Eat at least 1 organic apple or grapefruit per day
3.Drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day
4.Organic teas are free, but they do not count towards your water intake

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I'm done trying out the lastest fad diet, the latest weight loss miracles, and now I'm getting serious about it. VERY serious!

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 Promotes long term weight loss
 Promotes rapid weight loss
 Maintain your goal weight
 A healthy living alternative
 A body "detox"
 Provides an energy boost
 Improves mood and outlook
 Reduces the risks of diet-related diseases
 A roadmap for a healthier lifestyle

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