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The basics is eating 50% (to start) raw food in your diet, so lots of fruits and veggies, you can move to 70% and then 90% raw as well.

Going Raw isn't as easy at times as it sounds. Keep your fridge and pantry stocked with fresh fruits and veggies.

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 How To Follow Going Raw:

If you are currently eatng less than the recommended fruit/veggie servings per day, and are not currently eating only whole grain breads and pasta then start at the 50% Raw..

as your body gets used to it you can move up to 70% and then to 90%
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HI There :) I am 35 years young and slowly moving foward with my life after many ups and down. Where I turned to food to help me through. Not only that I made excuses. I am now a no excuses type of girl! I lost 30 lbs just eating healthier and getting out ...
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1.Upon waking eat some fruit or have fresh fruit juice as soon as you get up. Follow that at least 20 minutes later with a healthy breakfast
2.Try to purchase organic fruits and veggies if you can.
3.Eat at least one cup of raw veggie salad before dinner.

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I have read about this diet before, but haven't really found much information on it. I decided to not only lose weight but to be a healthier role model for my family.

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