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This diet should not be considered a "diet", but a lifestyle. The idea is to eat balance meals, eat healthy snacks, get plenty of exercise and treat yourself every now and again. It's unrealistic to follow diets that don't include delicious foods that are also good for you. This diet combines great tasting food with high nutritional value.

The goal is to get to a healthy weight and stay there. I also have the challenge of making over yummy, comforting foods to make them taste just as good, with less calories and fat.

I would also add supplements to anyone's everyday routine. Currently, I am taking a Women's Multivitamin, Evening Primrose Oil, Fish Oil (for the Omega 3 Fatty Acids), Folic Acid, and a Vitamin D supplement. I highly recommend at least a multivitamin and a fish oil supplement daily.

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 How To Follow Emmie B's Plan:

Just use common sense! Drink lots of water, limit sugary treats to once every 2 weeks, and eat balance meals consisting of a good protein, whole grains and vegetables. For good snack choices, look for lowfat cottage cheese, fruit, and nuts.
  by member emmieb
Well...I finally let it happen. After preparing for a nice vacation back in May of 2010, I got back and never really got out of vacation mode! I eat whatever I feel like and I have really managed to slack my weekly workout routine down to a measly 2 days a week! ...
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emmieb's top tips

1.Substitute whole grain pasta and rice when applicable.
2.When filling your plate with different foods, don't allow them to touch. It decreases the temptation to over-load your plate.
3.Refrain from soda. Drink tea instead.
4.Give yourself some slack...A sweet treat now and again IS okay!
5.Limit alcohol to no more than 3 drinks per week...and don't save all of those for one sitting!
6.Snack on high protein foods throughout the day such as cottage cheese and nuts instead of potato chips or crackers.

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I did lots of research about diets and found that the best general rule is to eat balanced meals and use common sense. Eating a plateful of pasta with meat sauce obviously isn't the wisest choice, but skipping out completely on whole grains isn't either. Combining proteins, healthy carbs and vegetables at each meal is the best possible option for healthy living - in my opinion.

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