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This is for the person who has problems with impulse eating. For the busy person who has difficulty with planning meals and/or carrying through those plans. Who gets overly hungry and then eats anything available. Who is too tired to cook at 6:00 PM. Who is unable to, or unwilling to, cut out any food group. Also someone who need a reasonable amount of calories to function. Someone who needs to feel 'in-control' of their weight loss diet in order to stick with it. In other words - me! This is a calorie counting, portion controlled diet structured to be as easy and unrestricted as possible. This is not a quickie weight loss plan.

(Cindy 23's food tips)

 Foods you can have

Breads, Grains, Cereals, Pasta, Rice
Meat and Fish
Fruit and Fruit Juices
Vegetables and Legumes (e.g. Beans)
Dairy Products - Milk, Cheese, etc
Eggs and Egg Substitutes
Nuts and Seeds
Fats and Oils
Herbs, Spices, Sauces
Others, Snacks, Sweets, etc

Not OK

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 How To Follow A Diet to Live By:

Determine how many calories you need to sustain YOUR GOAL WEIGHT with an online calorie calculator. Enter gender, age, frame size, height, activity level and the WEIGHT YOU WANT TO WEIGH, not the weight you are now. This calorie amount will allow you to eat a satisfying amount of food. Your weight loss will slow down as you near your goal weight. When you reach your goal you will have learned how much you can eat to maintain your ideal weight. You may need to tweak your calorie needs up or down as the calorie counter is an estimate and your personal needs may vary.

*KEEP A FOOD DIARY, online or paper.
*Use convenience foods, it's healthier than being overweight.
*Eat what you want (ANYTHING!) as long as you know how many calories it contains AND you write it down in your food diary AND you don't go over your maximum calories allowed for the day.
*Don't cook huge meals of foods you love and that leave a lot of irresistible leftovers.
*Again, choose foods with clear serving sizes and calorie counts. This helps you feel in control when you eat something you have considered 'forbidden' in the past. Feeling out-of-control may trigger a binge.
***THIS IS KEY! Have a wide selection of your favorite food choices ON HAND that are ready-to-eat or quickly prepared. They should be portion-sized and you should know the calorie count. You need to do this to effectively deal with impulse eating or 'too tired and hungry to cook' eating.
*Work any food cravings into diet. Again, figure portion size and calorie count. If possible, use already-prepared single-serving-sized entrees when eating 'trigger' foods.
*Don't 'waste' calories on foods you don't really want because you think they are healthy or 'just because they're there'.
*All foods are permitted!
*2 cheat meals a month, preferably restaurant meals with no leftovers.

  by member Cindy 23
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Cindy 23's top tips

1.Choose foods with clear serving sizes and calorie counts. Divide multiple-servings items into individual sizes before eating. Ex: Divide a bag of chips into serving-size baggies, label with calories. Get a food scale so you can divide by ounces or grams.
2.Have a wide selection of food choices on hand that are ready to eat or quickly prepared. Foods you LIKE to eat (not what you think you SHOULD eat - you won't). Have snacks of various calorie amounts available. Keep a list on the fridge that includes calorie counts.
3.Have a late afternoon snack to keep dinner calories in check. Avoid being overly hungry at mealtimes.
4.Work any food cravings into diet. Figure portion size and calorie count. If possible, use already-prepared single-serving-sized entrees when eating 'trigger' foods such as pizza and cheesy pasta dishes.
5.Make sure good-quality protein is included in a least one meal a day, preferably all meals. Don't 'waste' calories on foods you don't really want.
6.All foods are permitted! Two no calorie-counting cheat meals a month, preferably restaurant meals or 'single-event' meals (such as Thanksgiving or a Wedding dinner or picnic). A cheat meal would be a good time to split that super deluxe pizza with your spouse. You know you will sooner or later anyway. Plan it as a cheat meal with no guilt! KEEP A FOOD DIARY.

About / History

I developed this plan for myself by analyzing my past success and failures with various diet plans. It takes advantages of my strengths and circumvents my weaknesses. Know yourself and 'to thine own self be true'.

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 Promotes long term weight loss
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