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Join me for the tools, program, advice, support and motivation you have always wanted, following an effective, sustainable hunger free program that will change your life forever. I will be making recommendations as you go along till you reach your goal weight AND throughout your maintenance phase.

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 How To Follow My Slimming Secrets Weight Loss Program:

Weigh yourself as often as you can.
Put EVERYTHING you eat, drink and do into your fatsecret program EVERY DAY!!
Apply your individualized weight loss formula to your weight loss program EVERY DAY!!
We are going to set you a specific calorie target based on your personal basic metabolic requirement.
Drink your recommended amount of fluids!
Be consciously more active - push yourself a little further every day.
I can ONLY make recommendations based on true and completed daily menus!!
  by member lauren.erasmus
I have struggled with an under active thyroid for most of my adult life. I had my thyroid removed in May 2011. Because of this I also struggle with very quick weight gain, even though I am on a bmi lower than 18.5 most of the time - which is classified as unde ...
member since: 26 Jan 12

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1.Join my program for individualized weekly tips based on your diet calendar input. I will send the message to your inbox on Fatsecret on a weekly basis.

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I have developed this program over the last 4 years and has helped many people to reach their goal weight and turn their health and lives around.

  Why choose "My Slimming Secrets Weight Loss Program"?
 Promotes long term weight loss
 Promotes rapid weight loss
 Maintain your goal weight
 A healthy living alternative
 Targets body toning weight loss
 A body "detox"
 Teaches sustainable weight loss skills
 Provides an energy boost
 Improves mood and outlook
 Reduces the risks of diet-related diseases
 A roadmap for a healthier lifestyle

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