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My diet is structured according to basic healthy eating choices. There is no food off limits, you just need to make healthy choices about 90% of the time. There is a time and place for double chocolate fudge cake! This diet's goal is for weight loss and maintenance for a female, mainly, but I'm sure a guy could adapt it.

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The plans are pretty simple. You follow a reduced calorie diet based on your daily needs which can be assessed using one of the many (caloric needs) calculators online. Google it. Then subtract either 500 from the amount shown or subtract 250 and burn 250 with exercise. If you want cake, save room for it in your daily calories, or just message me. I can usually find or tell you about a product or recipe(s) that you can use in place of the food in question. I do believe in treating yourself. If you don't & you are way too strict, you will find yourself giving up very quickly. This weight loss should be gradual & transform into a way of life for you. It is not just a diet. If the weight loss is to be maintained it needs to be at least gingerly followed once your goal is met. If you lose it too quickly, research shows you will usually gain it back in the future, at least partially. Take it slow and steady and get comfortable with your new healthy eating choices! Feel free to message me for any additional questions you may have.
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I am 30yr old Christian military widow & homeschool mom of 4 ( now 3). I love Pilates. I love diet, food, and fitness info. Love to read, shop, bake, and spend time with family & friends. :) Sept 10, 2009 1st goal met at 140 lbs. ~ Total lost : 27 ...
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Double Chocolate Brownies
Moist fudgy and so yummy chocolate brownies.
cals: 113kcal | fat: 1.87g | carbs: 24.36g | prot: 2.01g
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Cheesecake for One
A favorite super quick cheesecake that is perfect for dessert.
cals: 422kcal | fat: 40.45g | carbs: 4.99g | prot: 8.76g
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Christiet's top tips

1.Eat more fiber with a goal of at least 35-40 grams per day. *Work up to it slowly or you will be bloated and gassy. :o.
2.Eat the right amount of protein for your body type and goal. *You can find out more info about this by Google-ing "How much protein should I eat to and then fill in the blank with your goal, ex. "lose weight, build muscle, maintain, etc."
3.Don't give up! Plateaus come and go! Just keep at it, (*maybe tweak your diet/exercise a bit) the scale will start moving again.
4.Take your vitamins! * Multi (derived from food is best) just to cover all the bases b/c it's difficult to get everything you need when you lower your calories to lose weight. :o) Make sure to eat an adequate amount of fat for your body's needs in order to absorb all of the vitamins that are only fat soluble. You can Google to find out how much you'll need per day.
5.Eat 9 servings of fruits/veggies per day! *Keep chopped veggies at eye level in the fridge for when you just want to chew something!
6.Move! If nothing else, walk. Try to do at least 30 min per day. *Read about all the bonus benefits of this simple exercise at!

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Lots of reading about healthful eating. Nutrition, recipes, diets, and pretty much, an obsession, with food.
I love the book, "Firm up in 3 weeks" by Prevention magazine which has really great exercise & menu plans included. Devin Alexander (who wrote the biggest loser recipe books) has a "Fittv" show, some other awesome books, and free recipes online. Also, Hungrygirl has alot of swap recipes for Starbucks, Entenmann's, and many very popular restaurant favorites that she'll send you for free if you sign up on her site for the newsletter. One word of warning though, she uses alot of artificial sweetener which I do not encourage at all. Again Google it (seriously, please. I used to feed this to my kids!). Equal and Splenda (a.k.a sugar + Chlorine) are legal food poisons. I use Stevia blends such as Sun Crystals and Truvia but there are alot of other brands out there that are equally good and they're coming out with a new one everyday it seems since Stevia was ok-ed for legal use in the US!

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