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i have followed my diet since 2007. within a year i had lost 10 stone (140lbs).

i stopped the diet and went on a eating rampage and put all of the weight back on.

i started back on my diet in january 2010 and so far ive lost around 6 stone, so it does work!!!!

this diet is ideal for those who have good will power and will exercise.

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this diet is just based on common sense.

stick to low fat, low calorie foods, and exercise everyday!!!
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i am a food addict!!!! i LOVE food, and food is like a drug to me!!! i can easily put on a stone or loose a stone in a week, depending on my eating habits that week lol!!! i started my diet on the 4th january 2010. at my first weigh in i weighed 281 lb (20 ...
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1.exercise everyday, even if its just a 15 min walk. push yourself, even if you dont want to!!
2.use a smaller plate.....that way you wont over eat.
3.avoid certain fatty foods like butter and dont NEED these foods in your diet as you can get the nutrition in these foods from else where.
4.set yourself goals, and once you reach these goals, treat yourself. i set myself a weight goal and once that is reached, i treat myself to something yummy to eat.

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