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Asparagus and Lentil Salad
This summer salad is so easy prepare and with eggs is just scrumptious.
cals: 320kcal | fat: 6.29g | carbs: 45.85g | prot: 21.09g
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Grilled Snapper
A great fish dish with cherry tomatoes and well balanced flavors.
cals: 243kcal | fat: 5.21g | carbs: 1.33g | prot: 44.93g
average member ranking
Blackbeans with Rice
A perfect dish for lovers of blackbeans and rice.
cals: 519kcal | fat: 3.03g | carbs: 106.81g | prot: 15.69g
average member ranking
Chicken Pitta Sandwich
Who said a lowfat lunchtime meal had to be boring, this is a real treat and sure to please.
cals: 228kcal | fat: 5.95g | carbs: 21.37g | prot: 21.65g
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Creole Chicken
A sensational quick Southern dish that's healthy and extremely nourishing.
cals: 354kcal | fat: 3.34g | carbs: 24.93g | prot: 57.19g
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Dr Phillip McGraw, a talk show host better known as Dr Phil, is a psychologist who gained a reputation through his regular appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Since the 1990s, he has addressed numerous issues facing the American public in his distinct and forthright manner. He finally focused on the obesity epidemic a few years ago. He has published a series of books relating to weight loss including "The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution : 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom" (2004).

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