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Recent Recipes

FatSecret members recently rated these recipes for Curves Diet, Low Calorie Plan - Jump Start Phase (Phase 1):
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Vegetable Beef Soup
Hearty vegetable beef soup.
cals: 126kcal | fat: 2.58g | carbs: 16.05g | prot: 11.55g
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Tuna Patties
Tasty tuna patties that are full of protein.
cals: 271kcal | fat: 6.34g | carbs: 1.91g | prot: 48.59g
average member ranking
Grilled Snapper
A great fish dish with cherry tomatoes and well balanced flavors.
cals: 243kcal | fat: 5.21g | carbs: 1.33g | prot: 44.93g
average member ranking
Roasted Vegetables
Mixed vegetables in the oven with a little olive oil. So simple and perfect for summer.
cals: 113kcal | fat: 9.26g | carbs: 7.47g | prot: 1.48g
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Mediterranean Salad
Simple to make mediterranean salad featuring romaine, kalamatta olives and crumbled feta cheese.
cals: 85kcal | fat: 5.61g | carbs: 6.71g | prot: 3.46g
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