Mini-Challenge - Eat a good breakfast



You will have more energy throughout the day

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Week 4 82% Successful
Week 3 78% Successful
Week 2 88% Successful
Week 1 86% Successful

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Failed: 23 Feb 09 by sweetgirl
"I've been doing pretty good with m workouts, but at the same time I'm ..."
Successful: 21 Feb 09 by cherylmom
"eat special k or cherrios every day"
Failed: 20 Feb 09 by Joannad
"bad weeek"
Failed: 15 Feb 09 by YELLOWBEETLEBUG
Successful: 11 Feb 09 by bac
"Almost the same daily, always an egg."
Failed: 10 Feb 09 by cerveez15
"i have been eating yogert or cottage cheese around 10..."
Failed: 10 Feb 09 by Shelster
"Bananas and coffee seem to work for me albeit not a great breakfast co ..."
Failed: 09 Feb 09 by angiers
"was sick"
Successful: 01 Feb 09 by shye_kiera
"i eat breakfast, not sure if its a good one"
Successful: 31 Jan 09 by cewi1son
"Ham and cheese rollups, peas, and grapes. Yummy."
Failed: 28 Jan 09 by freespiritlady
"I make sure that i eat my breakfast every day"

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