Mini-Challenge - Set time aside to workout per day



Be more organized, move things around, create more time for yourself to attain your goals!

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Week by Week Results

Week 4 58% Successful
Week 3 74% Successful
Week 2 75% Successful
Week 1 81% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 23 Feb 09 by slinkylins
"making time for more walking so am trying "
Successful: 21 Feb 09 by cherylmom
"work out 6 times a week"
Failed: 21 Feb 09 by theresagreen25
"help please"
Failed: 16 Feb 09 by spdswyf
"This past week my workouts had to be cut out thanks to my lower back g ..."
Failed: 15 Feb 09 by roo_lane
"whole week bit of a shambles"
Successful: 15 Feb 09 by YELLOWBEETLEBUG
Failed: 13 Feb 09 by Joannad
"couldn't exercise and had a bad week."
Successful: 11 Feb 09 by bac
"Better routine now"
Successful: 10 Feb 09 by cerveez15
"spent more time with weights"
Failed: 10 Feb 09 by Shelster
"Walked every day with the exception of 2 days."
Failed: 09 Feb 09 by angiers
"was sick"
Failed: 06 Feb 09 by Juvi
"Week 1 was not successful at all"
Successful: 01 Feb 09 by shye_kiera
"have exercised everyday this week"
Successful: 31 Jan 09 by cewi1son
"Didn't get to the treadmill until late this evening. Lots of stuff getting ..."
Failed: 28 Jan 09 by freespiritlady
"I have shift work and find it hard to stay toa routine"
Failed: 27 Jan 09 by tmzc1998
"This week of all weeks has been hard for me to start the whole exercise ..."

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