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Posted: 28 Jan 2013, 07:30
So I am pretty sure I am not the only mom that works retail. I am currently on my feet for a constant 9 hours a day. Sometimes up to 9 days straight. This extra 30 minutes is a challenge for me because I am already on my feet so much. Walking the store I work at in a complete lap is a mile! I wear a pedometer, too. Please share some creative ways to add that extra umps. My weight is at a stand still. Cutting that one unhealthy thing a day will give me the extra push to stay out of the break room vending machines.

All suggestions welcome Smile
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Posted: 28 Jan 2013, 20:02
I think as long as you're drinking the 64 oz of water and cutting out the 1 unhealthy thing a day, you'll see a difference. If you can't get in a full workout, maybe you can do little bursts of jumping jacks throughout the day to get some extra cardio or do just a few crunches every night before bed. For me, I think cutting back on my food intake is the hardest part...but I can do it. WE can do it!