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Sticky: Team Captains
If everyone could check their teams and let me know if they would like to be the captain of their team. I'm the captain of the blue team, so we need captains for red, green and yellow. Your job as ...
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Last Day of our Challenge
This is the last day of our challenge :cry: and I am really going to miss it. This was the first challenge that I signed up for and I must say it has been a lot of fun getting know some of you and it ...
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started by nurselnels, 5 years ago.   
It is about to start....we can do it. This week we are focusing on three meals a day, moving our bodies for 20 minutes, and avoiding fast food. I know summer can be tough with running to and from but ...
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Blue Team
Hello blue team!! I'm your captain, Mia. I'll be here for motivation, questions, etc. If it's something private, feel free to message me. Good luck guys and let's kick some butt!
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Your Wii Fit Age
I thought it might be fun for us to post out Wii Fit Age as we go so here's a Topic to do it. Since it's not part of the challenge, you're team color doesn't matter. This morning I was ...
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Gray Team
I'm still assigned to gray. Am I not on a team then?
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Welcome everyone!
Welcome all members! I'll sort you into teams as you join, and then we'll get moving! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! Remember, YOU CAN DO THIS & YOU DESERVE THIS! ...
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Yellow Team
This is for the Yellow team members to chat amongst each other =)
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what group am i in???
i am still showing up gray
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Red Team
This is for the Red team members to chat amongst each other =)
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Looking forward to the challenge
I am looking forward to the challenge. I have been using the Wii fit plus since Christmas and I enjoy it. It makes working out a lot of fun. I am eager to see how much weight I lose over the next few ...
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started by nurselnels, 6 years ago.   
How do you know what team you are on?
I can't figure out what team color I am on.
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started by Kahri.   
I'm all for this
Is there a detail to the Wii Fit program each team is to follow on the way, or is this simply a 20 minute (or more) "use the Wii Fit Plus at your discretion" challenge? (With mini-games, of ...
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started by Mgoblue01, 6 years ago.   
Mini Games
:( I have to have snacks. This Carb Counting Diet, I have too. :( to go with my medicine. Oh Well, I can do all the Mini Games, but that one
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started by Laura Scott.   
no Wii fit plus :-(
:-( sadly, I've yet to buy the Wii fit plus... but I have the original! I'm really trying to lose 50 pounds so, wish me luck! I'm gonna be busting my butt on the hula hoop game. :-)
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started by MANGOaddictx, 6 years ago.