Mini-Challenge - Drink 48oz of water daily for the 3rd week.



Drink a minimum of 48oz of water daily for the 3rd week. This is for water only. Coffee, tea, sode, etc do not count.

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 4 75% Successful
Week 3 66% Successful

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Successful: 11 Jul 11 by Mom2Boxers
"Yes I passed the mini challenge! I just weighed in and not sure if I ..."
Failed: 10 Jul 11 by Oboeplr
"Nope...didn't make it through the 4th week. But on a positive note...I'm ..."
Failed: 09 Jul 11 by Elizabeth 1
"I have such a hard time drinking water!"
Successful: 09 Jul 11 by buckeyechick
"I drank at least 6 cups but I did drink pop too"
Failed: 05 Jul 11 by phoenixgrlca
"lots of iced tea. Am going to do better this week!"
Successful: 01 Jul 11 by LizzyBugg
"I've been drinking between 60 and 70 oz of water each day. "

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