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?? Journal Entry
I'm just trying to figure out if there's a certain place I need to post a journal entry for the challenge. Or just in my journal?
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Why do you want to get in shape?
I have been overweight all my life, and I see it affecting my health now. I want to look in the mirror everyday and say "Damn!" :). What about you?
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Good Luck Everyone
I have been logging on to Fat Secret since the last week in Jan. have lost 26 so far. When you track your calories it sure makes a difference. I have alot to lose. But it makes me feel better to be l ...
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Awesome Job Blue Team!
I started the challenge by putting a comment on every weigh in good or bad to show some love and support. :) Problem is the more weigh ins.. the harder it is to make sure I get everyone. :lol: So here ...
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started by ProjectDropHoodie, 5 years ago.   
New & Confused
Hi all - I'm new to FatSecret and this is my first challenge. I don't understand where the mini-challenges get their success rate. Am I supposed to complete something to respond with my success ...
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Green Team!
Just posting a shout out to the green team. Post a little something about yourself so we can get to know each other. Me: Im trying to lose some poundage before my faience's birthday bash on June 23. ...
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good luck everyone!
Hoping the group will keep me going!!:)
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started by gobabygo449, 6 years ago.   
I was invited to particpate in the challenge. I understand the mini-challenges however at the risk of sounding like a total does one pick/be assigned a team? each team works together to lose ...
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New to Challenges/Fat Secret
Hello Everyone! Very excited to see everyone is working so hard on looking so good for ourselves! I'm excited about this challenge and more to come. Has anyone done a challenge similar to this or one ...
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started by ProjectDropHoodie, 6 years ago.   
i just wanted to say how excited I am that they are so many of us doing this challenge! I wish everyone luck and hope we all shed a few pounds this month! Ali
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started by vballchick01, 6 years ago.   
Submit your motivational pictures! I know you all have one, let us see it and inspire someone else :)
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Teams...please help!
What is the difference between the teams? Is it the amount of lbs you wish to lose?
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1st timer
Hi, I'm a 46yr old whose weight has escalated & I'm sruggling with motivation to lose it. Just had a health scare & really want to succeed this time:)
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started by smitfamily, 6 years ago.   
Hi, everyone - my name is Toni! I just joined the site and this challenge (and the Healthy Weight by Sept 2012 challenge - maybe I'll see some of you there!) This is the first time I've done a ...
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Tried every diet out there
I have tried every diet ever written and nothing worked more than a few months. My doctor suggested this web site. I was going to join Weight Watchers but my gosh the cost is ridiculous. This web site ...
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