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Last Day of May, Everyone!
Hope everyone met their goals or at least has a better idea of where they are and can re-adjust their goals from there. I'm doing this challenge for June over at the Atkins site, but won't be ...
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started by AmethystM, 6 years ago.   
I Met My Goal Mini-Challenge
I just wanted to make sure there is a place for everyone to put their updates, even if they aren't aiming for the 50 Miles in May. For people already keeping updates under the first mini-challenge, ...
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started by AmethystM, 6 years ago.   
Record walk times
:?: How do I enter my walk times in the 50 mile challenge that I joined. Don't know how to do it.
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started by nobettertime.   
Added a Mini-Goal: Stretching
Do some stretching after your walk. I don't ever stretch until I've warmed up some, so if you want to stretch "before" your walk, at least walk 3-5 minutes before you stop and do str ...
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started by AmethystM, 6 years ago.   
Started Yesterday
I was able to get in 3.5 miles yesterday. I can't believe how much easier it is than I thought. I was able to walk another 4 miles today :)
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started by FinallyDoinIT, 6 years ago.   
Couch to 5k
I heard about the couch to 5k program online and so I started it last week. I know its only my first week on it, but I'm very excited. I used to just jog with my dog until I got tired and then we ...
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started by fire7cat, 6 years ago.   
Started today.
Reporting in, walked 3.5 miles even though it is nasty cold and windy outside. This challenge motivated me to go, thanks Amethyst. Lisa H.
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started by ljjh.   
Gonna do my best!
I try to walk an hour each day and usually complete about 4 miles so this should be do-able! Looking forward to it.
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started by deelytful1.   
Running Counts, Too!
I should have mentioned this. While I made this challenge because of a request from several walkers, there is no issue if you run or walk/run. Just keep counting those miles! :d
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started by AmethystM, 7 years ago.   
Walking Site
The Walking Site has great tips and even programs for beginning walkers. You can find it here:
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started by AmethystM, 7 years ago.