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Announcement: Challenge starts tomorrow! Are you ready?
:d 15 out, 15 back!
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started by JosephNobles, 7 years ago.   
Sticky: Remember - Main Challenge is not about Pace!
Or distance or anything like that. The only thing the main challenge is looking for is time walking. If walking to the end of the block and back takes 30 minutes, then that's what it takes... and you ...
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started by JosephNobles, 7 years ago.   
Blue Team- My 1st Challenge
This is my first challenge and I was just wondering are we suppose to record everytime we walk and how far or do we record something once a week? Not sure how this all works so I'm looking for some ...
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started by Cantermom2.   
lol! Come on red team!!! We can do this!!!!
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started by Drakkie, 7 years ago.   
Blue Team
Woohoo Im on the blue team!!! Have a great walk fellow members :)
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started by Truckerchic, 7 years ago.   
My first Challenge
While this is my first challenge, I hope you all know that you should balance your diets!!
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started by 140poundgoal, 7 years ago.   
Training for 1/2 marathon in Oct.
I am preparing to walk a 1/2 marathon in October, so this will be great motivation to keep up the walking. I have a schedule I follow for 4 days out of the week, but this will keep me active on the &q ...
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started by DelPenJ.   
Okay 1st challenge!!
This is my 1st challenge!! How do I know what team I am in?? lol. *such a newb* I really hope I can stick with this!! Jeez!!!
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started by Drakkie.