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Bye Bye Clothes
Just dropped off 2 HUGE trash bags of clothes to Good Will. For the first time EVER, I am donating because they are too big and not because they are too small. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Already down 2 jean ...
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started by sromig, 5 years ago.   
1 Jeans Size Down
I'm one size down in what I normally buy in ON. I bought 2 pairs of transition jeans on sale to get me to my next size because the better fit makes me more aware of my choices. I also bought a d ...
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started by vikeenan.   
I am doing the right things but the weight is not coming off. This week no loss! I'm trying not to get discouraged, I must be at a plateau.
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started by Newness.   
Size 12 to end out 2012
I have lost 45 pounds, trying to finalize the weight loss journey by the end of this year.
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started by Tissietreu.   
Going Backwards
I was doing great with just cutting back on calories. But then I started exercising and added strength training to my workouts. It's discouraging because the scale is going in the opposite direction. ...
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started by Poohbear5517.   
So since I posted the "stuck" post I lost a pound! Yaay!
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started by Newness.   
Slow start, but still determined!
Had a bit of a rough start with my challenge, had flu and sick in bed the whole first week! Back on track this week though - starting slow with some incline walks, trampoline and sit ups / push ups. Ready ...
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started by Jeznut, 5 years ago.   
weight loss
weigh in 159
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started by Pollywog4us, 5 years ago.   
My goal size would be a 3/4 though. I have so many clothes in this size that haven't been worn in 7 years and I have not been able to part with them. I just need them to fit again.
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started by amehaffey, 5 years ago.   
2 sizes
I am currently a 10 and I would like to be a 6 before Christmas!
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started by amehaffey, 5 years ago.   
This is my first challenge...I could use some help...
Hi all. This is my first challenge. Where do I keep track of the mini challenge accomplishments?
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started by Invernessgal.   
Size 16 today 12 tomorrow
New to using this site, willing to try this challenge in hopes of losing the pounds.
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started by babbs6124.   
Jean size
I am currently a size 16w and I hope to be a 12w by Christmas. I would love to no longer be a "w" by Christmas. I hope to be a plain size 12 when I reach my goal weight.
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started by San Francisco.   
Jean Size
I'm currently a size 11 (Juniors), but I would like to drop to a size 7 at most.
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started by BizzAE, 5 years ago.   
Jean Size
I am currently at 14/16 (depending on brand) and want to be a size 10 (no matter what brand) by Christmas. I am down almost 70 lbs with another 70 lbs to go.
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started by sheera2012.