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Announcement: How to creat an account
It has come to my attention that some are having difficulty creating an account. The website is a bit tricky to navigate, but I'll explain how you can do it. *On the left panel of the main page ...
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started by MellyP, 6 years ago.   
Announcement: Todays the day!!!
Hey everyone! Todays the day we start on the road to stronger arms and a six pack! Hope you're as amped as I am!!! Good luck, lets do it!!!
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started by MellyP, 6 years ago.   
Announcement: 4 More Days!!!
Hey everyone. If you haven't already done so, log in to or create an account at [b][/b... and do your Initial Test!!! Give yourself a couple of days rest before you start ...
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started by MellyP, 6 years ago.   
Sit up history lost
Tried logging day 1 of situps for this week and noticed all other entries with the exception of Day 1 week 1 were gone. Has this happened to anyone else?
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started by Healthylaptop, 6 years ago.   
started last week but starting over
I started this challenge last week but I'm starting over this week because of circumstances that did not allow me to complete the entire first week. Yesterday I did a total of 30 push ups, 62 sit ...
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started by joybellone, 6 years ago.   
I stayed on target through the work week!
Now to finish off the week by doing my day 3 week 3 sit ups on Saturday!
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started by work email, 6 years ago.   
how do I...
I cant figure out how to create an account. Am I missing something and where do I email to add my name to the challenge?
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started by petuniak.   
Very glad to be here. Did the push up and squat challenge once upon a time...2 years or so ago...but never got through it. Hope to get through this one with the support of this group. Happy sit ups! ...
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started by Uneeknitter.