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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 05:24
Morning All

East Coast and Mid States - take care - we are getting (assumed) 4 - 8 inches - New York 24 inches.. WOW..

Renee - Stay safe.

Laurie - How's the tooth?

Denise - How's the Sis?

Pam - How's the homework? ha ha.. How ya doing?

Sherry - How did the counters come out? Did you post pictures?

Anne - You too have a heavy plate, cancer is never an easy thing... You need to take some time for you too!!!

Ok, suppose to meet trainer, won't know til we know how much snow and how fast and furious it truly come's down..

TTY Soon.
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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 11:01
Morning teamies,

Donna, Thanks for posting!!!!

Okay Denise Pam where are you I thought I was Mia but you guys are making me feel lonely. Storm suppose to be huge everyone in it give us an update so we don,t worry. I worked all day and then went out with Gf to a new restaurant and had the most incredible food. Salmon stuffed pasta and broccolini in a basalmic vinegarette with goat cheese. Then had three beers cuz made my tooth feel better now I feel like crap and out of sorts. I have the day off to regroup and I have a date tomm nite and I feel huge and I,m trying to feel sassy. Laurie
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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 15:06
hope everyone is well!!

I've had a rough day - not sleeping (added in a momma chihuahua that had a c-section at 3pm yesterday and the 1 pup that made it, so I was up ALLLLL night long), I think pushing too hard on workouts and not eating enough.

All put together and I ate 1,500 calories of pizze for lunch/dinner. What a waste of calories!!!! Lots of calories, but nothing good for me. As exhausted as I am, I'm not even going to try to work out to compensate. Just get back up on the old horse tomorrow and try again!

At least it isn't snow, but we are awfully soggy in Georgia! Was a crappy day to work outside with dogs! LOL

Hope everyone is wonderfully warm, safe, dry and content! And I promise to be a motivator not a whiner tomorrow. Smile

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 18:47
Evening teamies-

Donna you have esp, last night was homework night again, book report due tomorrow I still have 9 chapters to read, lol! Got Ashley's schedule changed and she is much happier with her new math teacher today. She was excited to have a teacher who would actually stop and help her.

Sorry for not keeping up with posts. This week has been a bust for things exercise although I did get to re-arange filing cabinets again today, yuck! Even though I haven't exercised much this morning scale said I was back down to 215.4, who knows what goes on?

Thankful that I live in the South, all my neighbors to the North stay safe and don't go out unless you have to. Hopefully everyone is stocked up with food and water.

Cathy you are such a trooper, hope you get some rest soon. We all whine every now and then so no worries. We are here to support one another and not judge.

Sarah-Beth sounds as if you had a good time.

Sherry - so glad your dad is doing better that is wonderful news!

Denise- hope you enjoy the date night!

Laurie - my sassy mentor, forgive me please Smile

Well gotta go read..


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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 18:47

I like whining just as much as motivation shows your real.. But I,ve been whining and having my pity party. I think I need one more day then hopefully I,ll be over it. Laurie
I want to be a free spirit in a grown up life!

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 18:50
Pam, we posted same time. I,m sassy you are forgiven. How do u know it,s Denise,s date night havnt heard from her either... Laurie
I want to be a free spirit in a grown up life!