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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 01:59
Hellooo teamies!!

I'm FINALLY back after a very long weekend away in joburg...

Had a very bad weekend for exercise...I did a small amount of walking and we stayed with my brother in law who thankfully lives on the top floor of his apartment block (only 4 floors) with no elevators so got lots of steps in but other than that we were in the car for most of it Sad
My weight has stayed the same though so at least i didnt put on!

I MISSED MY TM! Cant even remember if I clocked enough miles last week but even if I'm out of the running I will carry on with my mission. Gonna aim for an hour jog on tm tonight to kickstart my week.

How was everyones weekend?

Sarah-Beth x

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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 05:48
Morning All

Doing well with the food and ok with exercises.. Trainer tomorrow and tonight last night of bible study before Ash Wednesday..

Dinner, spag squash & (thanks Denise peppers) for me spagetti for hubby..

Hows everyone feeling... I Hate the beginning of months it's month end reports for me.. Feeling a bit stressed but trying to work my way through.. Hopefully can keep the weight where I'm at or down this time...

Laurie - Positive thoughts your way, worry does nothing but hurt us.. It will work out you will be fine....

Denise - Same for you positive thoughts for Sis and You to stay strong...

Sarah Beth welcome back to the party..

Pam, Sherry and the rest of you - Are you kicking it and if so what exercises are you doing, what receipe do you love????

TTY Soon..
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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 08:21
I woke up early this am, I really should have gone back to sleep. Glad to be checking in and catching up. Today is my mom's last chemo app!! I hope she does ok, she felt pretty bad physically the last go around. And she already struggles with bad self talk. In a way it has been good for me that I have been working so much, her tude really affects me. So when I am crazy busy it's easier to say something encouraging and move on. Hope that doesn't sound callous. I know its a hard time for her, but she has a tendancy to get frustrated and blame me.

I have totally been a fail on the exercise end of things. I did get cardio in monday!! And in a few min I am going to do some before the day starts.

Denise I am thinking of you and the stress you have over your sister. You said compartmentalize - yes, we need that for self preservation sometimes. It exhausts me tho. Good thing you are great at eating right and taking care of yourself. <3 prayers for sis surgery.

Laurie - how crazy! Praying you experience hope and peace and healing. Financial burden are tuff, but they do pass. <3

Sherry I am so excited about your new counters!!

And I'm sorry I dont' remember your name (I will eventually, lol) we have a new pup in the house too. Not as small as yours, but the potty training and behavior training is tough. She is supposed to be my son's dog, and he is gone more than he should be to be as consistant as I'd like, especially since I am not home much. Thankgoodness they are so cute, right?

I am humbled that you all would pick my Smile I would do my best!

This turned out pretty long - Happy Wednesday!

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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 08:43
Morning teamies,

Thank you Cathy,Sherry,Donna, and Anne for the kind words and understanding. It,s what keeps u going at times like these.

Sarabeth, Yeah youre back!

Sherry, Light and bright is good post pic.

It,s STEP UP WED. As a team let,s all get in a minimum of 100 each.

Cofffeeeeeee, Laurie
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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 13:39
Happy hump day to everyone!!

Laurie and Sherry, I totally understand the fears of no money. I've been unemployed more than I've worked over the past 3 years. Thank heavens my partner works and is a retired teacher. Without her retirement, we would have been homeless. How is your mouth feeling Laurie?

Welcome back, Sarah Beth! That is my niece's name.

Goldie- at least with my itsy bitsy pups, housetraining isn't an issue! I like them at this age. They pee and poop when I want them to. LOL

Donna- I have never eaten spag squash! I just added it to my list for this weekend.

Just got word that my mom is having a total knee replacement on March 5th. She has needed it for awhile, but has been afraid. I'll be staying with her in the hospital and then at her house for awhile. I need to figure out how I'll work out there. At my home, we live 4/10th mile from the rec center that has a GREAT gym. So easy to get workouts in.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 20:10
Evening all!

My dad went back to the doctor today and he is healing well. He can now put 25-30% of his weight on that leg. He will go back again in 6 more weeks. His 92nd birthday is 2/26 and I reserved the activity room today for a party on the 24th. He will be excited. It will be a surprise.

Welcome back Sarah-Beth!

Donna -I am trying to kick it, but my cold seems to be turning into bronchitis and I think it is kicking me. LOL

Anne - I'm glad your mom is having her last chemo treatment. Don't beat yourself up...we all understand how you feel. Most of us have dealt with a difficult parent.

Laurie - I will definitely post pics when I get the chance.

Cathy - Good for you for planning to take care of your mom after her surgery. Sometimes it's a blessing that we are not working.

Miss you Pam, Denise and Renee!!

My son, dil, and 3 granddaughters will be here soon to spend the night with me. Yippee!! Laughing

Have a great evening!
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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 22:52
Evening all!

Its been quite the week. I'm in Boston now and it looks like I will be stuck here with the upcoming blizzard. Oh well, I knew I would get stuck somewhere. I'll check in tomorrow - now I'm pretty much glued to the TV watching the storm reports.