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Announcement: New Challenge Starts 02/22
:o Morning teamies, Laurie and I have set up the new challenge to begin 02/22. I have sent out invitations to the ones I have listed as buddies. I know there are a some of you out there that weren ...
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Announcement: Challenge Traveling sistas
Our challenge is ending and the new challenge we were thinking of trying a team challenge to provide more accountability,fun and motivation what you cannot do alone you can do as part of a team...... Let ...
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Announcement: WEIGH IN TODAY Jan.21
Make sure u weigh in today and feel in your progress report, to move forward in the challenge. Who,s still in the running! Week 2 here we come! Who,s going to be in the Final Top 5. Or be their own ...
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started by laurieslife, 5 years ago.   
Announcement: Week Two Food Challenge
Following is the link to the site where the rules for the food challenges are coming from. Take a minute and go check it out! http://www.100daysofrealfood.c...
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Announcement: Logging, spreadsheet and stepups
Recent q,s: We would love to see more of you sharing your journey on challenge forum with us. If your not a talker u could post your success for the day.ex. Stepups: 50 ...
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Announcement: Let the Challenge Begin
Weigh in today so we are all on the same page. Remember to follow your own path some of us have been doing this awhile. Do not compare yourself to others. Set your own goals and follow your own dir ...
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Sat. FEB. 16 new challenge
New challenge is called SISTA, give Me five! Had to start new challenge other would not post to main page. Don,t need invite must be willing to post your points to thread. Starts in 10 days Co.e join ...
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WED. 13th Results
The most prepared Traveling Sista who is treading lighter,who logged 10 miles consistently for 4 weeks is.....drumroll .......... Wareagle1 CATHY 4.7%. And 10 lbs. Frolicking walkers up..... ...
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Thursday, Feb. 14
Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!! ;) I can't believe that no one has started a thread for today...I have been to the Home and Garden Show with my cousin. It was so much fun. I had never ...
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Tuesday February 12
:d Morning taking niece back to airport at 11 so lots of time for a tm walk. Laurie yes pick a tea / no snack night and I am in. that will be a good test of wills........ I am also keeping Tuesd ...
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Monday February 11
Good morning, what a storm it was last night, rain, then freezing snow....nice..... now foggy Today my treadmill has me for many many minutes. I am looking forward to walking. I can honeslty say I ...
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Sun - Feb 10
Morning All Denise - Excited you got to see Sis.. Sure it makes you feel a bit better.. Hugs.. Will keep you all in my prayers until it is over... Glad to hear fam is safe from the Snow... At least he ...
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Saturday February 9
Hello, sorry for being mia, sister not doing well, I was called in alot, and now leavign town to go be with my sister she had a nother stroke yesterday, and they know what bacteria is in her blood they ...
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Friday, February 8
Good morning campers, Time to rise and shine. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee and need to be headed out shortly so this will be short and sweet. Donna, homework finished ! Yeah! Today is TGIF ...
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Thur - Feb 7th
Morning All East Coast and Mid States - take care - we are getting (assumed) 4 - 8 inches - New York 24 inches.. WOW.. Renee - Stay safe. Laurie - How's the tooth? Denise - How's the Sis? ...
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started by Mich19_Donna.