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I have been failing miserably
I haven't been tracking like I know I should, so I am going to re-dedicate myself today. The good thing is I haven't been too bad with the food and I have been sticking to exercising 4-5 times ...
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I am so bad at this. . . I know if I could keep my head in the game and track better, I'd do better at this challenge. I guess that will be my goal for the next week, (along side the mini challenges). ...
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started by crystal2575, 4 years ago.   
I track every day on Fatsecret. I love the phone app. My problem is on weekends when eating is not so structured. Makes me nervous for the summer cookouts.
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Yikes. Didn't realize how many calories are in beers. 120oz of beer over the weekend really hurt (both my head the next day and my soul when I saw how many callories) Anyone have any advice for ...
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How many "Green Days" can you string together?
One of the best things about this site is the calendar that shows if you have a net calorie loss or gain. The green arrows are an awesome motivator. My record, a year ago I am embarrassed to say, was ...
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Goals: Snacks and Dinner
This is my biggest challenge, especially at work. My goal for this challenge is to replace my random unhealthy snacks like trail mix with chocolate and white cheddar cheez its (lol) with healthy ones like ...
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What are everyone's goals for this summer?? Any plans on what you're going to do differently? Or the same?
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I need Buddies
I am new to this so I need some buddies. Please help
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Anyone Used Psyllium Seed Husks Before?
Hi! I have been using Psyllium Seed Husks for about 3 days now and I really like them. My big problem is that when I get really hungry... I start craving bad food... potato chips etc. etc. etc. I have ...
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started by gila66, 4 years ago.   
Good luck all on the challenge!
I wish I started this end of last summer. Anyway, I am trying to reach the allusive 200lbs. Its been 15 years since I weighed this much fluctuating between 210 and 235. I am at 225 now. So with this ...
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Daily calorie intake
It seems that most online recommendations for daily calories needs vary widely. I'm trying to find the best RDI for losing weight, it seems I have hit a plateau. Wondering if I should restrict cal ...
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