Challenge Forum: Building Muscle at Side Hips and Bust Line

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ThisTime Win

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Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 20:30
HELP!!! I joined FatSecret in June 2012, lost 48 pounds over 4 months (healthy eating, walking 8 mls. 4 times/wk., water, 1 hr. exercise 4 times/wk. Unfortunately, I was loosing so much I pulled up because I was loosing to much; face looked to skinny, bust and side hips became straight up and down--NO More Curves. WHAT EXERCISE or WEIGHT TRAINING should I do to add it back, without adding fat weight? I figured out how to loose weight, keep it off; but lost the curves I had too.

FAT SECRET has been great for tracking and modification of exercise and lifestyle changes. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL!!!