Challenge Forum: Overloaded with commitments today, but still committed to challenge

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Posted: 18 May 2012, 00:14
As I already knew yesterday, today was full of meetings for both business and a committee I serve on in my personal life, leaving no time for walk or gym. Very little sleep due to my phone starting to buzz at shortly past 6am. Despite all of that, I did "ok" on my eating. Not great, due to dining at a South Indian buffet for lunch. All vegetarian, but generally loaded with quite a bit of clarified butter. I was however able to pass on the deserts, and had a very light dinner of a small portion of salmon accompanied by steamed veggies. All in all, I'm just going to call it successful and look forward to a good night's sleep and a workout at the gym tomorrow. After several weeks of utterly gorgeous weather, it started to rain today in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (aka greater Seattle area) so I might be restricted to the treadmill.