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Sticky: Keep it up
On vacation and ate too much, going to go hit the gym before bed. Long term success is more important to me than short term pleasure that results in long term sadness.
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started by swannsnest, 5 years ago.   
Had a bad day?
I was doing sooooo good and I did extra exercise whenever I ate a few too many calories to keep my calories at least 500 negative, but yesterday was not the best of days. Too much food and not enough ...
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started by swannsnest, 5 years ago.   
Holiday Eating
I know this is a tough day, but we can choose to succeed. This may be the most difficult overall day of the challenge. We can do it!
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started by swannsnest, 5 years ago.   
At Least 5 Pounds
Hello all and welcome to day one of this five week challenge. If you record everything you eat and accurately record your exercise, and meet the challenge of at least -500 calories each day, by the end ...
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started by swannsnest.   
Woo hoo can't wait to get started!
The first day! So full of momentum! Lets see if we can keep it going guys! And remember... If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never truly be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, ...
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started by Bowchickawowow, 5 years ago.   
Thanks for joining me on our journey to controlling our weight loss! Sunday is the big start day, so let's get our minds prepared to focus on keeping our calorie count negative each day. This will ...
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started by swannsnest, 6 years ago.